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She is apparently an underrated Hero in King's Raid wherein a few players only use her, and I'm one of those few players who uses her as my MAIN Damage.

Lorraine is one the best DPS (Damage per Second) if you want to get her, while she had an update in her skill set that made her even more deadlier than before!

Also, if geared/played right, she can rekt everyone in PvP...
(oh believe me she can!)

Lorraine's abilities relies on her "Poison", which is her core damage and also buffs her other skills when this is active in the opposing team. With multiple targets that she can hit, she one of the best there is if you want to kill your enemies while doing nothing.

So, let's begin!


1/27/2018 (No ATK.SPD BUILD)
Now 3/1/2018(with ATK.SPD)

This is me presenting her with ATK.SPD and w/o ATK.SPD.


So, what stats better fit her? Since the nerf of "DEFENSE PENETRATION" affected a bunch of heroes, this isn't being used to often. BUT, I do...

Critical is the most reliable source of PURE DAMAGE, for most or maybe all of the heroes in the category of DPS. Plus, with CRITICAL DAMAGE runes and stats in your gears, you get devastating results from your damage alone.

But what about DEFENSE PENETRATION? As mentioned, it was already nerfed, but I still find it useful in my opinion. DEF.PEN ignores the armor of your enemies, which makes them naked from any defenses. To make it simple, you cut through them like butter...Still, this one is reliable, so let's begin with the different kinds of builds that can synchronize with Lorraine's skill set.

CRITICAL BUILD, The Glass Cannon


This is basic of the basic build for every DPS there is to date. Not only that you deal MASSIVE damage, but it also blends with her skill sets that needs lots of critical options! Once you stack your poison, its gonna hurt as HELL!



This one is the opposite, white the CRITICAL BUILD deals double damage + more Crit damage, this one IGNORES the armor your opponents have but also having a Critical Chance as your second amplifier. This is really effective against TANKS, for they rely on armor and large amounts of HP.



Well then, how about both? Not only that you deal double the damage, BUT YOU CUT THROUGH their ARMOR like LITERAL BUTTER! This is a very very consequential build, for you lack some ATK.SPD for you to fill up your MANA.



First Skill: Thornbush Forest

2 Mana Crystal / 8 sec 
Cooldown Revamp

Attack random enemies within range 3 times and deal ??? M.DMG to enemies within range each time. Each attack stacks 1 stack of Poison.

2018 Rework


This is her basic skill, aligned with her passive (which we'll talk about later) is the main source of stacking your Poison to your enemies. But when this upgraded to the maxed level, upon critical hit, you'll be able to stack those poison faster!

Second Skill: Tangled Vine
3 Mana Crystal / 10 sec Cooldown

Deal ??? M.DMG to enemies in a straight line and stack 2 stacks of Poison. Also, shackle hit enemies for 4 sec. After a certain period of time, deal a large amount of DMG based on the number of Poison stacks.

Now this skill acts as your Minimun CC (crowd control), wherein enemies are binded to the ground unable to do anything. After a few seconds, it will explode dealing MASSIVE damage to your enemies, depending on the poison stacks you have on your enemies side. When this skill is maxed, you deal a % more of M.Damage when they're shackled!

Third Skill: Wrath of the Forest
(Deep Forest Emergence)
3 Mana Crystal / 30 sec Cooldown 
Cooldwon Revamp

 Inflict ??? M.DMG upon enemies in range. Increase DMG by 20% for each stack of poison.

Now this skill is your best DAMAGE output of all the rest! Not only that this is considered as a HARD CC because of its AoE is massive! It knocks down your foes to the ground while dealing a chunk of their HP! This can easily get Dragons fall to their knees! Deals extreme damage to all in wide range! 
When this baby is maxed, the critical chance of this will increase!

Passive Skill: Blade Leaf

Auto Attack

Every 15 sec, attack enemies at random 3 times. Each attack deals ??? M.DMG and stacks 1 stack of Poison.

Every 15s, you can attack enemies randomly. Which can easily stack your poisons faster, plus every start of a battle you instantly throw this to your foes!

Skill Attributes when Upgraded:

[Transcendence Perks - PVP/ PVE/ WORLD BOSS]:

|Transcendence Perks|

NEW T1 & T2 Perks 

WIZARD & PRIEST Share both Blessing of Mana


|Transcendence 3-4|

T3 - Light vs Dark

:Skill 2 & 4:

Second Skill: Light & Dark(Tangled Vine)

Light = 40% More damage taken. (Increased damage in both touching enemies and exploding)
Dark = Enemies hit by the final explosion is/are stunned for 2s.

Fourth Skill: Passive(Leaf)
Light = Maximum poison stacks is increased by 6.
Dark = There's a 20% chance that hit enemies will be shackled for 2s.

Summary, so all the T3 Perks are useful and very delicate to be chosen...

Now because of the January 25th update, you can choose 2 Skill perks in 1 Skill tree. But not both light and dark.

- I took either of these two, Skill 2: Both Dark & Light are good, I think this works well in both pvp and pve. I'd already tested out the +1 stack and 20% chance shackles and the 6 stacks does do good damage while the 20% chance shackles is meh....

T4 - Light vs Dark

:Skill 1 & 3:

First Skill: Light & Dark (Thorn-bush)

Light = Hit count increase by 1.
Dark = Enemies that has 5 or more poison stacks are shackled for 3s upon hit.

Third Skill: Deep Forest Emergence!

Light = DMG increased to 40%!
Dark = Enemies with 5 or mores stacks of poison lose their positive effects. (Yes, Debuffing their shields and other buffs)

- Summary, so to T4 Lorraine receives huges BUFFS on her skills, either shackling them every few seconds or be a glass-cannon mage! Or you can be a TROLL and remove all their buffs~

To be honest, I'll be picking Skill 1 Dark, every 8 seconds you will shackle enemies; furthermore can cancel most of those long casting skills of your opponents..., but I can also choose the Third Skill Light T4, where you have 40% more damage! Recommended on PvE or be a PvP glass-cannon player~

T5- Light vs Dark

Hero Stats Upgrade vs Special Option Upgrade

Light = ATK, DEF, HP+15% / CRIT CHANCE + 100
Dark = Every 10s, attack a random enemy with Thorn-bush(skill 1)1 time.


- Summary, basically this one is up to you for this shows that we can both choose either of them... Light is more of Sustain and more damage while the Dark side(Star Wars?) is very much for DPS every second.

I would pick the DARK SIDE... :)

|:Transcendence Perks I used:|

Note that you can always use Circuit Burst and B.of Mana but this will make her really vulnerable.

PvE Perks can go with the 6 Poison Stack Upgrade for beter DMG.

PURE CC Depletion for WB/GR/DR 


[Gear Suggestions: Runes and Set-up]:

These are the stats that you'll need in order to make her a reliable source of damage or the MAIN SOURCE of damage. Also provided the initial stats she really needs...

|Gears, Runes, Accessories, Unique Weapon and Artifacts|

:Armors, Accessories and Runes:

Protective Armor = Default P.Def
Pick from:

Rune of Frenzy
Crit DMG +X%
- More damage? Got you covered!


Rune of Stamina
- If you need survivability you may want this, but the Rings and Orbs gives you a good amount of HP if you need them.

Secondary = Default M.Def
Pick from:

Rune of the Heartless = Crit Hit Chance
- Uh-huh, this the only choice you have...

Accessories 3 types:

Earrings = Attack

- When getting the earrings, you should get the following stats:

- If you create a destructive amount damage, this is your core stats...or

- You could do the normal build that everyone uses...

Necklace = M.Def
Circle/Belt = P.Def

^This two is for defense, it's basically for the frontline, but who knows when you need it right?^

Rings = Max HP (OPTIONAL)

- If you need survivability, this would be the right choice for you, because it gives tons of HP and then there's the stats you will need. Same as the earrings, it will be the things you want to choose from.

- Orbs only gives you tons and tons of HP, but remember you can choose from various options...

What Dragon Item Set to be used?

Red Dragon Set: 

2 Sets = 100 Critical Chance
4 Sets = 130 Critical Chance

- Red dragon's set is the best choice really... Hands down on this set.

Black Dragon Set:

2 Sets = MP/ATK +35% Recovery
4 Sets = MP/ATK +45% Recovery

- Black Dragon's set is more of a replenishment for your mana crystals...with the Transcendence Perks, and Runes that you have, I think maybe that it's already a bit over the grid...but why not try it? Yeah, more mana more Skills to be casts!

Blue Dragon Set:

2 Sets = MAX HP+10%
4 Sets = MAX HP+13%

Ice Dragon's set is really build for surviving... nothing more.

:Experimental Build Sets:

2 Sets (RED) + 2 Sets (BLACK)
100 Critical Chance + MP/ATK +35% Recovery

2 Sets (RED) + 2 Sets (Blue)
100 Critical Chance + MAX HP+10% 

2 Sets (Black) + 2 Sets (Blue)
MP/ATK +35% Recovery + MAX HP+10% 

[Artifact Suggestions/Recommendations]:

Artifacts Needed

Solving the issue of our Attack Speed Problem


Drinking Horn of Ancient Cow(PVP/PVE)

(It's a Golden Cup)
Upon attacking an enemy, there is a 10% chance for 10% of both ATK and ATK Spd to increase for 10 secs.


Golden Cat Statue(PVP)

(A Golden Cat)
Every battle, Spd is increased by 40% for the first 15 secs.

This attack speed item/s will serve as a tool which will make its usefulness in which you lack attack speed.

Artifacts outside ATTACK SPEED.

Angry Pumpkin Head(PVE/PVP)
All DMG taken is reduced by 10% and deal 10% more DMG to enemies.

Fancy Traditional Pendant(PVE/PVP?)
Crit Chance is increased by 100 and Crit DMG is increased by 20%.

Burning Brazier of Elf(PVE/PVP?)
Upon attacking an enemy, there is a 10% chance to recover 1 MP.

Christmas Star Ornament(PVP)

At the beginning of each battle, for 5 sec, increase Mana Recovery per sec by 260%. Also, Crit Resistance is increased by 100. This effect cannot be dispelled.

Soul Spring Water(PVP)
At the beginning of each battle, recover 24% HP and 12% mana.

Dice of Magical Letters(PVE)

(A bluish-gold-like dice)
Upon attacking an enemy, deal 400% M.DMG for a 3% chance.

More or less, more damage for you mate!

Blessing of Earth(World Bless/Raids/Guild Raids)
When there is 1 enemy, ATK is boosted by 40%.


Orbs of Contract(PVE/RAIDS/WB2) Longer Fights
Every 7 sec, increase M.DEF by 1% of ATK. This effect stacks up to 6 times.

Madame's Bronze Mirror(PVP Oriented or BD too)
Raises own M.Block Chance by 300 and M.DMG Reduction is increased by 100.

Earth Core(PVP/PVE) - Like the Angry Pumpkin, but with +10% HP
ATK, HP and all DEF rises by 10%.

Earth Protection(PVP) A risky artifact, but if you plan on using this be sure you can Nuke your enemies within the 8 sec time frame.
At the beginning of battle, gain CC immunity and a 50% boost to P. and M. DEF stats for 8 sec.

Roaring Tiger Statue(PVP) Anti-Assassin Nuker
When Hero health falls below 35%, deal DMG equal to 100% of ATK to nearby enemies and knock them down. Targeted enemies lose 14% ATK and 140 ATK Speed for 10 sec. Has a cooldown of 30 sec.

[Unique Weapon Discussion]:

Lorraine's Unique Weapon
Roburu, World Tree's Will

Every 10s, deals M.Damage equal to 40% ATK to enemies afflicted with poison, and reduce M.DEFENSE by 10%. Every stack of poison increases this DMG by 20%.

New UW Details 2018

Runes of Agitation 3x
MP Recovery/Attack +X%

Need that unlimited mana? Here your go! (Remember when I said I took this instead of DEF.PEN? well, because I need to win in the Arena hahaha, but you can skill this with...


Version 1
Runes of Agitation 1x

MP Recovery/Attack +X%
Rune of Fierce Attack 2x

Need damage as well as mana? This will do the trick! Or just go with pure damage and get RUNE OF FIERCE ATTACK 3x?

Version 2
Runes of Agitation 1x
MP Recovery/Attack +X%
Rune of Fierce Attack 1x
Rune of Sharpness 1x

A well rounded stats, if you want to shred their armors and following a DEF.PEN Build.

Version 3
Rune of Fierce Attack 1x
Rune of Sharpness 2x

or just simple get get Rune of Sharpness 3x
Pure armor shreding following your DEF.PEN Build.

ATTACK SPEED as a Secondary Core STAT
Why do we need ATK.SPD you say? Because of the RUNES and Set Options (the gears when completed) that gives these stats:MP Recovery/Attack +X%
The more you ATTACK, the more mana crystals you'll replenish for you skills to be used.


[Hero Unique Treasure]

Root of the World Tree 

[Wrath of the Forest] DMG is increased by 20%. Upon Crit Hit on enemies with 
over 5 stacks of Poison, skill cooldown is reduced by 4%. 

So, her DPS will definitely be deadlier with the new patch that Vespa released! Significantly increases her chances on casting her S3 quite more often than before too!



She ain't the best at DPS I will agree to that, but with the proper gears and line up, she will be.
Note: This is not T7 gears on Lorraine yet. :)

:|Now with T7 Gears|:


[Questions and Answers]:


1. So, how do you play as Lorraine in your team?

Simply by stacking those poisons up to 5 stacks(which is easy) will give you the advantages in setting up a good burst to your enemies. Once every battle start, your passive "Blade Leaves" will always activate, so that an instant stack to your enemies, plus it hits 3 random enemies. Then there's your First Skill, when your CRITICAL HIT RATE is over 50% surely, that Critical hit will double the stack of your poison.

You'll also need a lot of CRITICAL RATE CHANCE for you to be effective and landing those poison stacks earlier and faster.

2. Why did you get DEFENSE PENETRATION when you clearly said it is Nerfed?

From my experience of playing with DEF.PEN as my core stats on her as well as CRIT and CRIT DAMAGE, the results are very outstanding...Defense Penetration will only work if you have a good amount of damage, plus my damage is already good backed-up by my CRIT/CRIT.DMG results a faster killing.

3. So, you sacrificed ATTACK SPEED over DEFENSE PENETRATION right?

Yes, I did. Why? There's a artifact that covers ATK.SPD in a good amount of time or chance that covers this problem. Plus, I have Laias on my team to replenish the need mana I have lost with MP/ATK. That's why this build requires proper build set to work and creativeness. 

But as stated, you can still use ATK.SPD as your core stats.

4. What is the Skill order/rotation for her to be more effective?

First Skill> Third Skill > Second Skill or First Skill > Second Skills > Third Skill

In pvp, based on experience, when using MP/ATK +35%, you'll your MANA at 3 crystal within the first 2-4 seconds of the fight, which you can land a THIRD SKILL to your enemy team, or if they are in a straight line, use the SECOND SKILL. Note that your passive has already been inflicted to 3 random Heroes.

Any additional information about the build?

The build is pretty much considered as a GLASS CANNON, if not a massive DPS type hero.


[Hero Threats and Combinations]:


Scarlet & Priscilla

This two is well versed in CC and can open up to Lorraine casting her Skill without any trouble...Highly one of the best warriors to have if you're running Lorraine in your deck. Even thou these two have been nerfed, they can perform well in PvE/PvP purposes.

NOTE(2018 March Update): Scarlet got nerfed, her S2 T-Perk which is stun is now removed. So, she is more of cleanser/defense type against P.DMG type enemies, like Nyx/Miruru/Selene.

Rating: S+

Her Tanking abilities is great but also her skills and passive. Not convinced eh? Put it this way, she's good in tanking, gives a M.Defense % and M.Block %, has a good DPS in her kit and a good CC to sum it all out. Make her as your tank and she can add another DPS to your poison! Note that her Flames reduces the enemies recovery rate! While they're having a plague BURN them alive!

Rating: S+​

Engrave a mark on every enemy for 30 seconds and constantly deal ??? M.DMG. The enemy receives 25% more M.DMG when afflicted by this mark. This skill alone makes her the reason why you should pick her when having HEAVY MAGIC DAMAGE team. Not only that she heals for herself, but covers a massive AoE debuff!



Rating: S-

Considered as a Damage dealer but has a trick up her sleeves, no? This baby packs a punch while serving as a secondary support to your allies. Not only that she increases your teams Crit Chances (which Lorriane also needs), but also removes all negative effects! What can else can you ask for?


Maria: S++
The Queen of CC, Maria! Her kit can clump the entire enemy to your advantage, her Black Hole + Lorraine's Wrath of the Forest, is a guaranteed kill or MASSIVE HP lost to the enemy.(in PvP imo)
Plus, her kit brings your enemies M.Defenses down. Same as Jane's kit that reduces their defenses.... Now think of it...Cool right? It's up to you if you want to have 2 Wizards thou...then you'll be lacking P.Damage...

Cleo: S+
In my own experience, a well geared Cleo can deal TONS of damage! But yeah, some people use 2 Wizards at their disposals why don't we try? Having her with Lorraine gives you a lot, A LOT of DPS with her unique installed! Now, put Morrah in the line-up or Jane...hmmmm
But with her, you might end up having less CC...


Aisha: A+
One of the best DPS there is to date, the Violet Princess herself, Aisha! Want more DPS? Get her, or just her lol, her 3rd Skill reduces enemies M.Defenses also, that is why I put her in A+ but if you're telling that she is for DPS then she's S++.

Pavel: A+
With a massive AoE damage and a chance to FREEZE an entire team, what more could you expect? Pavel is only needed for a follow up combo in my opinion. But a great M.DMG dealer!


Pretty much every healers in the game is a must for her.

Certain Heroes that is a great threat to Lorraine are as follows...

: Yes, her hooks can easily get her...but if you get CC in your build chances are she stays at the back line and lives to tell the tale...there's a chance that your healer is first to be hit, then you've guessed it, Lorraine to be pulled in-front...

: "Time to Run" = Dead

Nuke Teams:

The [​IMG]Selene [​IMG]Maria Combo
Pray you don't get 1 shot.

[​IMG]Pavel [​IMG]Dimael Combo

Those with hard CC and Damage:

With High Physical Damage:

Those that can get easily through your defenses:
(second skill)
(first skill)
Tanya (Third skill)

Those that can easily negate/cleanse your damage:



Credits to: http://www.kingsraid.wiki, github/duckness & www.discord.com (where i put my ss alot)
For images and other information.