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Aisha, a Wizard that is known through her esteemed title as Violet from the Tower of Sage, is a genius who is versed in the intricate studies of magic. Any foes that stand in her way are incinerated by a single, piercing ray of magic that she liberates from the tip of her parasol - a medium for her magic to work through.

This guide explores the strengths and weakness of Aisha, usability in all of King's Raid content, performance compared to other heroes, and lastly the cosmetic appeals of the hero herself.


I recommend scanning through the terminology before reading the guide as there may be some words you will not recognize.

Standard Team Composition: Constituted by four heroes that meet specific roles required to make an ideal team for optimal content clear. Doesn't mean a person needs to follow it though.

  • Tank
  • Main DPS
  • Sub-DPS
  • Healer

Non-Standard Team Composition: Generally gives the same result as a Standard Team Composition. However, CC is lacking and people have trouble passing certain stages in the game where CC is a must have.

  • Tank
  • Main DPS
  • Main DPS
  • Healer

Tanks: Heroes that focus on:

  • Protecting the team
  • Crowd Control
  • Magical and/or Physical Amps

Physical Main DPS: Heroes that focus on doing as much physical damage as possible.

Magic Main DPS: Heroes that focus on doing as much magical damage as possible.

Sub-DPS: Heroes that focus on:

  • Debuffs (reducing the stats of enemies)
  • Crowd Control (able to stop enemies from taking any actions)
  • Magical and/or Physical Amps (meaning that they increase the damage that enemies take from either source)
  • Buffs (increasing the stats of allies)
  • Dispelling enemy positive buffs

Healers: Heroes that focus on supporting and healing the team. Keeping the team alive as well as give various buffs are their roles.

Player versus Environment (PvE): This stands for the player, you, using your team to defeat foes that you will encounter through the story or content.

Player versus Player(PvP): This stands for the player, you, using your team to compete against other players in duels.

Single Target (ST): Heroes that excel in doing damage to a single enemy.

Multi Target (MT): Heroes that excel in doing damage to multiple enemies with large Area of Effect (AoE) spells.

  • Area of Effect can be defined as a spell covering a large area.

DPS: Stands for Damage Per a Second. The higher the damage you do per a second the better.

Selecting Aisha as a Main DPS

Here is an overview of Aisha:

  • Aisha's damage type is Magic and therefore all of her skills and auto attacks will do Magic Damage.
  • Aisha excels in situations when there are enemies in a line, grouped up together, or if there is a single target.
  • Aisha has trouble clearing large amounts of enemies, especially when they are spread out due to a lack of AoE (Area of Effect), so having either another Main DPS to handle them or a Sub-DPS to group the enemies together would be ideal.
  • Aisha is intended for PvE and not for PvP because all of her damage is sourced to her S2 spell aka Destruction Ray. Destruction Ray can be easily stopped with any form of Crowd Control. She does not bode well in higher ranks of PvP such as Masters and Challenger because you will be facing against more structured teams that have ways to get to Aisha, prevent her damage, or even completely mitigate her damage. Aisha requires steep protection to be of any use in the arena so I have to say that there are bettter Wizards for the purpose of PvP. However, if you really want to use Aisha for PvP, do not let this guide stop you.

Aisha is an excellent Wizard and fulfills her role spledidly. However, before you choose Aisha as your Main DPS, check your core team - the four heroes that you will be using for most content in King's Raid. If you already have another Main DPS, then make sure you that really want to switch that Main DPS out for Aisha. I say this because building a hero up requires time and resources which are limited in the early stages of the game. It is better for you, economically, to choose one Main DPS early in King's Raid and to stick with that Main DPS until you have the resources to support switching to another Main DPS that you may fancy.

Aisha's Abilities

Auto Attacks

Aisha's auto attacks are split into two projectiles which means it can do a critical hit twice and proc Aisha's passive twice.

Mystic Barrage


  • Damage Ticks: 4

Mystic Barrage is Aisha's first spell. This spell has a low cooldown and cost. Each critical hit will reduce this spell's cooldown by one second.

Destructive Ray


  • Mana Crystal Cost: 2 MCs + Boosted Laser Mana Crystal Cost
  • Boosted Laser Mana Crystal Cost: 0.75 MCs (T3 S2 Light) / 1.5 MCs / 3 MCs (T3 S2 Dark)
  • Total Mana Crystal Cost: 2.75 MCs / 3.5 MCs / 5 MCs
  • Damage Ticks: 20

Destructive Ray is Aisha's second spell. This spell is Aisha's main source of damage. Aisha targets the nearest enemy and cannot aim the ray. The ray penetrates and attacks everything in its path. This spell has problems in hitting the backline and can be interrupted by Crowd Control. Thus, Aisha must be protected from Crowd Control while using this spell or else DPS will be severely lost. It is best to be paired with Torrential Rain's Magic Defense shred, meaning that Torrential Rain should be activated first before using Destructive Ray.

Torrential Rain


  • Magic Defense Shred: 25% / 50% (S3 Dark)
  • Damage Ticks: 30

Torrential Rain is Aisha's third skill. Aisha unleashes a flash of magic that splits into thirty projectiles that rains from the sky onto enemies. The projectiles are distributed randomly and is best to be used on a single target for the most effective damage. Each projectile shreds 5% Magic Defense of enemies and up to 25%, further increased to 50% by selecting one of Aisha's Transcendence Perks. This spell should be comboed with Destructive Ray as soon as possible.

Mystic Boost


Mystic Boost is Aisha's passive spell. Every attack that does a successful critical hit will launch a projectile that does magic damage. These projectiles can also proc critical hits but will not activate Mystic Boost. Seeing how Aisha’s damage is broken into many attacks, this passive is a big portion of your damage especially when it does a critical hit. You can see Mystic Boost activating in the GIFs where there are multiple small projectiles shooting from the side of Aisha.

Ability Order to Upgrade

  1. Destructive Ray - Main damage spell therefore should be upgraded first
  2. Torrential Rain - Second highest damage spell so second
  3. Mystic Boost - Large boost to overall damage
  4. Mystic Barrage - Last because of lowest damage potential.


Unique Weapon: Noble Fate, Mihatra

Noble Fate, Mihatra, is Aisha's unique weapon. Its effect provides a large boost in overall DPS. Aisha has no trouble proccing her unique weapon's effect due to the high hit count in her kit. In one rotation of all her spells, she will do a total of 108 hits so expect the passive on her unqiue weapon to activate frequently.

Hidden notes about Aisha's unique weapon:

  • It can only proc once every 0.5 second.
  • It can proc off of any attack


PvE sub-stats:

  • Attack x 4
  • Critical Chance x 4
  • Critical Damage x 4
  • Attack Speedx 3
  • Lifesteal x 1

There are many ways to build Aisha so do take in account that you do not have to follow this. The main reason why I do not include any Defense Penetration is because if you are constantly knocking down World Boss One, you don't have to worry about its defense mitigating damage. For every other content, Defense Penetration is a decent stat, but you're not really going to use Aisha for anything else besides World Boss One. However, If you feel the need, then you can replace one of the Attack Speed sub-stats and Lifesteal sub-stat for more potential damage, leaving your healer to keep Aisha alive.

Your goal is to aim for 99% Critical Chance. How do you get this and why do you want 99% Critical Chance?

  • Base Critical Chance is 10%.
  • With four sub-stats of Critical Chance at T7 Legendary Equipment, you will get 44% Critical Chance (11% from each piece of Legendary Equipment).
  • Armor rune gives 20% Critical Chance.
  • T2 Priest Perk gives 15% Critical Chance.
  • T5 Aisha Light gives 10% Critical Chance.

Your auto attacks and Mystic Boost procs will contribute to around 30% of your total damage, almost all of it from Mystic Boost procs. This is the main reason why you will want to opt for 99% Critical Chance.

PvP sub-stats:

  • Attack x 4
  • Critical Chance x 4
  • Critical Damage x 2
  • Max HP x 2
  • Attack Speed x 3
  • Lifesteal x 1

The extra 22% HP really helps keep your Aisha alive. It may just make the difference between winning by a sliver of health or losing the duel.


PvE runes:

  • 20% Attack x 3
  • 40% Critical Damage x 1
  • 20% Critical Chance x 1

PvP runes:

  • 20% Attack x 2
  • 480 Mana / per an attack x 1
  • 40% Critical Damage
  • 20% Critical Chance x 1


PvE Set:

  • Black Dragon Armor
  • Black Dragon Secondary Armor
  • Black Dragon Earrings
  • Black Dragon Orb

PvP Set:

  • Black Dragon Armor
  • Black Dragon Secondary Armor
  • Black Dragon Ring
  • Black Dragon Orb

The idea why the Black Dragon Set is so vital to Aisha is because she needs it to generate enough mana to use all of her spells. You don't want to put any Mana runes in her UW because that lowers her DPS. Aisha is perfectly fine with only the set bonus from the Black Dragon Set. Aisha does not need the Fire Dragon Set because it is very easy to hit the critical chance cap without it and it is more important that you are able to generate mana for Aisha anyways. The Poison Dragon Set and Ice Dragon Set are not very helpful for Aisha and should be avoided. 

For PvP purposes, it may be better for you to switch out Earrings for a Ring. It adds more survivability to Aisha and allows her to do more damage (survival = more DPS) and/or suvive certain spells that the enemy team may use. Aisha is similar to Nyx in the regard that her attacks penetrate the front line, but unlike Nyx it does not hit everyone and only in the  direction that Aisha is firing her ray at. You can also argue that is Aisha's job to dismantle the front line as fast as possible, so earrings may be the better choice. If you cannot touch the backline, you will have troubles winning duels.


PvE Artifacts

Soul Spring Water
File:Soul Spring Water.png
Effect: At the start of a battle, recover 24% Max HP and 12% Max Mana.

  • Very effective when doing adventure mode.

Angry Pumpkin Head

Effect: Increases Damage done to enemies by 10% and reduces Damage taken from enemies by 10%.

  • Angry Pumpkin Head is your most optimal artifact for anything that is not single target content. 

Earth Core 

File:Earth Core.png

Effect: Increase Attack, HP, and Defense (Physical and Magical) by 10%

  • Earth Core is your discount Angry Pumpkin Head. Secondary priority.

Blessing of Earth

File:Blessing of Earth.png
Effect: When there is a single enemy, increase Attack by 40%.

  • Blessing of Earth is the best item for Aisha in single target content. This artifact should be prioritized over the other two.

PvP Artifacts

Soul Spring Water
File:Soul Spring Water.png
Effect: At the start of a battle, recover 24% Max HP and 12% Max Mana.

  • Faster access to your S2.

Christmas Star Ornament
Effect: At the start of battle increase Mana Regeneration by 260% for 5 seconds. Critical Resistance is increased by 100. This effect cannot be dispelled.

  • Wonderful artifact. if you are lucky enough to have gotten it during the Christmas event, congrats to you.

Talisman of Resistance
File:Talismans of Resistance.png
Effect: When the Hero that is equipped with this artifact is debuffed, remove the debuff and gain immunity to Crowd Control for 1 second.

  • Great against teams that have quick CC heroes such as Leo or Cass.

Earth Protection

File:Earth Protection.png
Effect: At the start of battle gain Crowd Control immunity and increase Defense (Physical and Magical) by 50% for 8 seconds.

  • Upgraded version of Talisman. Would only recommend this after getting multiple Blessing of Earths. PvP is sort of a side mission until you hit end game with nothing to do.

Transcendence Perks

Transcendence One

  1. Attack Up: Increase Attack by 30%.
  2. HP Up: Increase HP by 30%.
  3. Defense Up: Increase Physical and Magical Defense by 35%.
  4. Crit Resist: Increase Crit Resistance by 200.

Transcendence Two

  1. Deception: Upon taking a hit, become immune to the next single hit of Damage. This has a 40 second cooldown.
  2. Morale Rise: Increase all allies attack by 15% .
  3. Blessing of Mana: Increase self mana regeneration by 250%.
  4. Circuit Burst: Increase Attack by 40% and Accuracy by 200 but take 20% more damage.

Transcendence Three

  1. Mystic Barrage [Light]: Increases damage by 100% if there is one enemy.
  2. Mystic Barrage [Dark]: Gain 300 Mana per a Critical Hit (1200 Mana total per a target / 1.2 Mana Orbs per a target).
  3. Destruction Ray [Light]: Mana cost for boosted laser is cut in half.
  4. Destruction Ray [Dark]: Mana cost for boosted laser is doubled but the damage is increased to 200%.
  5. Torrential Rain [Light]: Does AoE damage.
  6. Torrential Rain [Dark]: Magic Defense reduction stacks up to ten times.
  7. Mystic Boost [Light]: Increases damage by 40%.
  8. Mystic Boost [Dark]: Ignores block.

Transcendence Five

  1. Aisha [Light]: Increases Attack, Physical and Magical Defense, and HP by 15%, and Critical Chance by 10%.
  2. Aisha [Dark]: Every use of a spell increases Critical Damage by 2% and mana regeneration by 6%. It can stack up to fifty times.

Choosing Transcendence Perks

Choosing Transcendence Perks While Going to T5

  • T1 = Attack - 10 TP - 10/10 TP
  • T2 = Morale Raise - 15 TP - 25/25 TP
  • T3 = Replace Morale Raise with Blessing of Mana. Get S2 Light - 15 TP - 40/40 TP
  • T4 = Get 30% HP. If you want more DPS, you can get S3 Light or Dark - 15 TP - 50/55 or 55/55 TP
  • T5 = Replace S3 Light or Dark with 30% Hp. Get Aisha Light and Circuit Burst -25 TP - 80/80 TP

PvP / Auto Transcendence Page for Aisha

Perks chosen are:

  • Attack Up
  • HP Up
  • Circuit burst
  • Blessing of Mana
  • S2 Light
  • Aisha Light

This Transcendence Page allows Aisha to auto adventure mode without having to worry about not getting the full duration of her laser off. For PvP, everything is about mana gain and who uses their spells first.

World Boss / Manual Transcendence Page

Perks chosen are:

  • Attack Up
  • HP Up
  • Circuit burst
  • S2 Dark
  • S4 Light
  • Aisha Dark

For World Boss One, you will be timing Destruction Ray when the boss hits the floor so mana is not really an issue here. You want pure raw damage which is what this transcendence build offers. The main reason S3 Dark is not selected is that if you have the capabilities to bring World Boss One down every 15-20 seconds, then S3 Dark is not needed. If I am not mistaken, defense shred does not work on World Bosses so S3 is useless here.

After extensive testing, I have found that the transcendence perk page above gives the highest DPS out of everything. I have tested several different transcendence pages by running each selection of pages three times with decent rotations of the boss' skills and knockdown times. I restarted when I did not have optimal testing conditions. If you are also interested in my WB team that I used, it will be shown below. Not the most optimal as I am still in the progress of making it better, but it should suffice.

Manual Team

  • Gau - T4
  • Aisha - T5
  • Mediana - T3
  • Frey - T2

Auto Team

  • Theo - T3 
  • Lorraine - T5
  • Jane - T2 
  • Viska - T4

Synergy - Combine Thy Power


Clauseico.png Clause, Knight of Iron Defense

  • He will be the first tank you will get in the game. He focuses on protecting your team from physical damage. His second skill gives a 50% Attack Speed slow debuff on enemies that are hit by it. This is very useful for delaying the oncoming death that bosses generally give. Clause is a great tank and will last you throughout the entire game. I recommend using Clause as your main tank until you have more knowledge and/or experience about King's Raid.

Soniaico.png Sonia, The Blue Hurricane

  • Sonia is a tank that focuses on dishing out damage and does large bursts of Crowd Control. Sonia also amplifies the amount of magical damage that enemies take by 30%, and once her passive activates it will increase to 40%.

Janeico.png Jane, Alabaster Corpse

  • Jane is a tank that focuses on amplifying the  magical damage that all enemies take by 25%. Jane is meant for a magical damage focus team and is an offensive tank. She is most useful for content with a lot of monsters as all of her abilities affect everything in the vicinity.

Morrahico.png Morrah, Devil's Flames

  • Morrah is a tank that focuses on protecting the team from magical damage. She is more oriented on doing damage to enemies and provides a constant 40% Magic Amp. Her amp can take time for it to be applied and therefore not too reliant.


Viskaico.png Viska, Demon Eater

  • Viska is a warrior that focuses on doing magical damage and amplifies the amount of magical damage that enemies take. Viska is okay in all content, but specializes single target content. She can give a 50% Magic Amp and a 30% Magic Defense shred.

Priscillaico.pngPriscilla, Maid of Steel

  • Priscilla is a warrior that focuses on doing physical damage, increasing a teammates Attack, and increases the amount of Physical and Magical Damage that enemies take. Has the ability to group enemies together as well. She is useful in all content, but other heroes can fill her role better as her damage is sub-par and her buffs weak.

Theoico.png Theo, Knight of Loyalty

  • Theo is a warrior that focuses on doing high single-target magical damage and constant CC. He has a 30% Magic Amp that lasts for 10 seconds. Great pick and has high DPS. 


Mirianneico.png Mirianne, Servant of Blue

  • Mirianne does decent damage, provides a shield that grants CC immunity, can dispel enemies positive buffs, and has a self amp. Would only use with large AoE teams and for World Boss One.


Annetteico.png Annete, Royal Technomagi

  • Annette is a mechanic that focuses on doing magical damage. Annete excels in supporting the team with massive attack speed boosts, heals, cleanses, and magical amps. Good for all content.


Mariaico.png Maria, Fallen Witch

  • Maria is a wizard that focuses on doing magical damage. Maria excels in doing crowd control, debuffing enemies, and having a magical amp. Good for PvP and any scenarios requiring CC.

Lorraineico.png Lorraine, Grand Elidoran Scholar

  • Lorraine is a wizard that focuses on doing magical damage. Lorraine excels in doing crowd control, debuffing enemies, and having a magical amp. Lorraine requires time to build up her damage. Good in all content except Chapter 7 Hell.

Lewisiaico.png Lewisia, The Royal Vermilion Blood

  • Lewisia is a wizard that focuses on doing magical damage. Lewisia excels in a long fights and is excellent for World Boss and Dragon Raids. Decent for other content. Has a 50% Magic Amp and 30% Magic Defense shred.

Artemiaico.png Artemia, Empress of Light

  • Artemia is a wizard that focuses on doing magical damage. Artemia is one of the best AoE Magical DPS in the game. She excels in stages that requires AoE, burst damage and CC.


Freyico.png Frey, Priestess of Light

  • Frey is one of the starter heroes that you receive when you start the game. She is one of the best healers in the game. Her shield absorbs damage and grants CC immunity until it is broken or dissipates.

Laiasico.png Laias, Holy Priestess of Water

  • Laias is an excellent healer and can provide instant mana to allies as well as passive mana regeneration. Laias also grants passive magic defense and magical critical hit resistance.

Baudouinico.png Baudouin, Holy Ruffian

  • Baudouin is an okay healer. The real strong point about his is that he grants a shield that make the entire team invulnerable to all Damage for a period of time. He is great for all content when used correctly.

Comparisons to Other Heroes

In the Magic Main DPS world where only the whispers of Physical DPS are heard, reveals a maganimous, majestic, beautiful, exalted, and magnificent line up of heroes. These rankings are solely based on my opinion.

Magic Main DPS

  • Aisha
  • Artemia
  • Epis
  • Theo
  • Luna
  • Lewisia
  • Cleo

Single Target Magic Main DPS Rankings

  1. Aisha / Lewisia
  2. Theo
  3. Epis
  4. Luna

Multiple Target Magic Main DPS Rankings

  1. Artemia 
  2. Cleo

Adventure Mode / ToO / ToC / Stockade / Upper Dungeon Magic Main DPS Rankings

  1. Artemia / Theo
  2. Epis / Aisha / Luna
  3. Lewisia
  4. Cleo

PvP Magic Main DPS Rankings

  1. Theo / Epis
  2. Aisha / Cleo / Artemia / Luna
  3. Lewisia


You have finished the guide! I sincerely hope that this has clarified some of the mysteries behind using Aisha. I have used Aisha from the start of the game and I have never regretted it. Who doesn't love laser beams? The only thing that I despise is that Vespa will probably never fix the imbalances between Physical and Magic Decks, thus meaning that I will never truly see Aisha shine besides at World Boss One. Nonetheless, she is a wonderful Magic Main DPS that gets the job done.

If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to comment below. Good luck, Raiders!