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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my guide on Selene from King's Raid. Selene was my very first hero I selected from the 5 star selector ticket and she is my favorite hero! She is an Elf Princes archer with arrows filled with moon and wind power. This guide contains my thoughts on building Selene and how I have used her to progress through the content.

Why should you or shouldn't get Selene?


  • Very beginner friendly in utilizing her skills
  • Auto-friendly
  • Good DPS throughout the early stages of King's Raid PVE until Chapter 6
  • Who needs crit substats?
  • 1 Punch Man knockout (S3)


  • Not the absolute best DPS at certain contents in the game.
  • Needs UW to keep up with high DPS values in end game content.

Abilities + Transcendence Perks + Unique Weapon + Base Stats

All values are taken from Selene at level 80 with all skillbook attributes maxed out. Bolded are also my preferred perks of the two for each skill (some are situational).

 (S1) Arrow Rain  - 8 second Cooldown

Shoots 12 arrows to random enemies and deals a total of 548,664 P. DMG.

Skillbook Attributes:

  • DMG is increased by 10%
  • DMG is increased by 15%
  • DMG is increases by 25%

Transcendence Perks:

  • [Light] DMG is increased by 40%
  • [Dark] There is a 20% chance to inflict stun for 2 seconds

This skill is her bread and butter. Helps deal a burst of damage. The [Light] perk helps with that burst. As for [Dark], it is almost never used because having the chance only at 20% for an 8 second cooldown skill is almost never worth it.

 (S2) Rush  - 6 second Cooldown

Upon attacking, summons 5 arrows that launch towards the enemy. Each arrow deals 76,700 P. DMG.

Skillbook Attributes:

  • DMG is increased by 10%
  • DMG is increased by 15%
  • DMG is increases by 25%

Transcendence Perks:

  • [Light] Ignores DEF if there is only 1 enemy
  • [Dark] Make the enemy flinch for 0.5 sec

This skill is often utilized right before Arrow Rain. The arrows that are summoned by Rush help increase the burst she provides when she uses Arrow Rain right after. The [Light] perk is basically for any content in the game with only 1 big bad boss, such as world boss, dragon raids (when the tiny dragons are dead/not spawned yet), and guild raids. The [Dark] perk isn't very useful unless you absolutely need cc on your team, which majority (I'm talking like 99.99%) of the time you will have enough cc anyways.

 (S3) Moonlight Flash  - 20 second Cooldown

Fires an arrow in a straight line, dealing P. DMG to all enemies in range proportional to their current HP. Deals a maximum of 584,219 P. DMG and inflicts knock down.

Skillbook Attributes:

  • DMG is increased by 10%
  • DMG is increased by 15%
  • DMG is increases by 25%

Transcendence Perks:

  • [Light] Reduces cooldown by 3 sec
  • [Dark] Ignores enemy Block

This skill is your one shot wonder skill and is basically Selene's identity in terms of combat potential. Do note given how amazing the skill is, it costs 4 mana (out of a total 6 in your bar). There is a way avoid being low mana. We will get to that later. The [Light] perk doesn't seem worth it to me because 17 seconds still feels as long as 20 seconds anyway. If you are trying to spam Moonlight Flash, you're better off synergizing with Oddy or utilizing Pocket Watch of Ancient Civilization (artifact). The [Dark] perk is what you use in arena (those pesky tanks with high block). 

 Moonlight Arrow - Passive

Upon attacking, ATK is increased by 1,866 for 10 sec, and Crit Chance is increased by 100. Can be stacked up to 3 times max.

Skillbook Attributes:

  • ATK boost is increased by 10%
  • ATK boost is increased by 15%
  • Each attack increases hero's Crit Dmg by 10%

Transcendence Perks:

  • [Light] Max stack number is changed to 5
  • [Dark] Auto attack range is boosted by 20%

The Moonlight Arrow passive is an insane steroid. [Light] perk is pretty much a must have once your Selene reaches T3. Boosting her steroid will boost her damage output through auto attacks as well as her 3 skills. I have used [Dark] perk and it honestly didn't seem like the 20% range made much of a difference in terms of avoiding enemy attacks that extend past your frontline.

Transcendence 5 Perks

  • [Light] ATK, DEF, HP +15%, Crit DMG +20%
  • [Dark] Own Crit Chance is decreased by 300 and Crit DMG is increased by 100%

Her [Light] perk is seems to be more for just general survivability. The recent change to [Dark] perk on 3/8/18 just made it so much more worth it to go for. Do note your "Crit Chance is decreased by 300". We will touch on this in the calculations soon.

Unique Weapon: Green Winds, Notos

​​Upon inflicting a Crit Hit, ATK Spd increases by (200/240/280/340/410/500) for 10 sec. For the duration, auto-attacks will fire an additional arrow worth (100/120/140/170/210/250)% P.DMG.

Given how Selene already has high crit rate, this UW effect essentially has 100% uptime.

Base Stats for Selene

Gear + Calculations + Transcendence Builds

Ah yes, now we get into the nitty gritty of substats, armor stats, and builds.

One of the best parts in planning your Selene gear builds is the fact that you don't have to invest much into crit as a substat at all! Every other stat theoretically has an endless cap or diminishing returns. As for crit, you can only go up to 100% crit chance (duh). With the 3/8/18 Selene buff to [T5] Dark, we essentially want "130%" crit chance now because the perk will reduce your crit chance by 300 (30%). Crit has a softcap of 1500 (150%) I believe, so we don't have a problem of going up to 130% (If I'm wrong, please let me know).

So, lets see what kind of crit is already given to us from her skills:

  • 150 crit from base stats = 15%
  • [Light] Moonlight Arrow passive gives 100 * 5 = 500 = 50%

So, thats 65% crit!

The secondary gear rune is a must have for any DPS hero, which is 20%. (total 85%)

Now we need 45%. Here are some options (If you have upgraded artifacts, then more power to you):

  • 0 star Fancy Traditional Pendant (artifact) gives 100 crit = 10% (as well as 20% crit damage, which also scales up)
    • Reaches 120/140/170/210/250 extra crit
  • 0 star Trident of the Deep (artifact) gives 200 crit (only 15 sec) = 20% (as well as 30% ATK boost, which also scales up)
    • Reaches 240/290/350/420/500 extra crit
  • A legendary gear substat gives a max of 110 crit = 11%
  • Transcendence 2 Perk (Opportune strike) offers 150 crit = 15% (as well as 30% crit damage)
  • Transcendence 2 Perk (Goddess Blessing) offers 150 crit = 15% (ONLY from priests, must have at least T2 priest)
  • Fire Dragon 2 piece set offers 100 crit = 10%
    • 4 piece set offers 130 crit = 13%

It's up to you to decide what you want depending on your situation. Here are my list of combinations:

The "I'm ready to trash my current Selene armor or reroll desperately for crit subs" build:

  • Obtain 4 crit substats, 1 in each Black Dragon armor = 4 x 110 = 440 (44%)
  • You are 1% under our goal (99% with T5 [Dark])
  • Not really recommended since Penetration is a really nice stat to have. As stated here.


  • Obtain 3 crit substats (Black Dragon) = 3 x 110 = 330 (33%)
  • Utilize a T2 healer to bring Goddess Blessing wherever Selene goes (pretty much making that priest Selene's "maid") = 15%
    • Mediana is probably the best in terms of more damage and power
  • Total = 48%, you go 3% over our goal (103% with T5 [Dark])

Do note, this lets you forgo Selene's T2 Perk Opportune Strike (15% crit rate + 30% CRIT DMG) for:

  • T2 Perk Precision Shot (ATK 20% + ACC 40%)
  • Or perhaps T5 [Light] Perk (15% ATK, DEF + HP, 20% CRIT DMG)

The "I don't want to do anything to my gear to obtain crit subs" build:

  • T2 Opportune Strike on Selene (15%)
  • T2 Goddess Blessing from healer (15%)
  • 0 star Fancy Traditional Pendant (10%)
  • Total: 40%, you are 5% under our goal (95% with T5 [Dark])

Honestly, being 5% under, unless if you're a perfectionist, I'm perfectly fine with.

The "I wanna do something spicy and different" build:

  • Fire Dragon 2 piece set (10%)
    • Alongside the Black Dragon 2 piece set. 3/8/18 Buffs to Selene came with a reduction on her S2 skill to 1 mana. This allows your S2>S1 mana consumption to be only 4 mana, which is the same mana cost as her S3. The 2 patterns of burst are easier to manage for Selene in terms of mana usage, so Selene users may take the step over to the Fire Dragon side (where not many people really farm for late game lul).
  • The last 35% needed can be used in many combinations
    • Substats
    • Artifacts
    • Perks

So what are our substats?

For Selene, we are looking for damage. We want ATK, ATK Spd, Crit DMG on all gear. The 4 line of substats depends on how you decided to build your crit we discussed above. Now each gear comes with 4 substats, so this is where its really up to you what 4th stat you want or can obtain/be lucky as hell. I strongly suggest Penetration (helps vs. defense). Same link as above. ACC (helps vs. Dodge) and Lifesteal (some sustain) are also extra stats that could fill in the remaining.

What type of gear do we want?

For end game, there are the 4 different legendary dragon gears to go for.

  • Fire drake offers 100/130 crit
  • Frost drake offers 10%/13% HP
  • Poison drake offers 100/130 Crit Resistance
  • Black drake offers 230/360 MP Recovery/Attack

Selene doesn't need Frost or Poison, so that leaves us with Fire and Black. Given the reduction of mana on the S2 in 3/8/2018 patch, she has the possibility of going 2 Fire and 2 Black. Otherwise just sitting at 4 Black is fine as well.

For Accessories (part of the 4 substatted gear), there are:

  • Earrings (ATK)
  • Rings (HP)
  • Bracelets (P. DEF)
  • Necklaces (M.DEF)

The only 2 options really needed are ATK and HP. Almost always I would go for the earrings, but sometimes people may take rings for arena for extra survivability. Do note if you decide to go for 870,153 HP, you're missing out on 18,926 ATK (Both values are at 5 star).

For Runes:

For UW, I recommend straight up 3 ATK runes. The mana reduction on S2 for the 3/8/18 patch pretty much did away the 2 ATK/1 Mana Recovery per Attack combination.

Primary gear is always crit damage and secondary gear is always crit.

For Artifacts:

 Drinking Horn of the Ancient Cow works well. 10% chance might be low (at 0 star), but Selene attacks so fast that she can proc it easily and gain the atk/atk speed boost.

 Angry Pumpkin Head is another viable option.

Fancy Traditional Pendant may be a necessity depending on your crit build.

Talismans of Resistance is helpful cleanse from 1 CC in Arena. (Of course more than likely, the opponent has more than 1 CC, but anything helps really)

Blessing of Earth is helpful alongside the new 3/8/18 S2 [Light] Perk in World Boss/Guild Raid/[kinda]Dragon Raid.

Earth Core is basically an extra T5 [Light] Perk.

Pocket Watch of Ancient Civilization is really nice if you have enough mana generation to be able to instant cast your spells when they get off cooldown. 

What kind of Transcendence builds do we want?

  • T1: Take Atk Up 30%
  • T2: Go for Opportune Strike (Helps with crit, which majority of the time you would need)
    • Otherwise Precision Shot
  • T3: Take [Light] Moonlight Arrow (passive)
  • T4: Take [Light] Arrow Rain (S1) or [Light] Rush (S2 - World Boss/Guild Raid/[kinda]Dragon Raid specific) or [Dark] Moonlight Flash (S3 - Arena specific)
  • T5: Take [Dark] T5 and HP Up 30% (from the T1 row)
    • Another option once you reach T5 is giving up whatever you took in T4 and take [Light] T5 alongside your [Dark] T5.


When I progressed through the story as Selene, I slapped on whatever drops I got onto Selene. Higher tier gear took priority, then the purple gear. As long as you have Kasel/Roi or any other tank/frontliner you obtain from your 3 star and 2 star tickets, Selene will do her job for you beautifully. If you feel the need to manual, she has 2 burst patterns: Just S3, and S2 > S1. There are a couple spots in Chapter 4 and 5 that may give you a tough time, but those spots are kind of like a DPS check. Majority of the time, your party is just low on levels. Once you reach Chapter 6, thats when the "ghost" mobs will appear and become immune to any P. DMG dealing heroes. At that point, hopefully you had decided to spend your tickets/rubies/heroes inn amity on a magic DPS to help carry you through. Personally I had Laias, Selene, Epis, Morrah to carry me through Chapter 6.

As for Dragon Raids (unlocked when a hero reaches level 30 I believe), her damage output isn't that great at low levels. Once she reaches T5 and level 80, her damage output is respectable in Black Dragon raids (lvl 70+).

  • My current T5 Selene Build for Dragon Raids: T1 Atk Up + HP Up, T2 Opportune Strike, T3 [Light] S2 + [Light] Passive, T5 [Dark]

For World Boss (unlocked when a hero reaches level 60 I believe), she does her job in WB2 Protianus. I don't have a good support team system for her currently, but I'm working on it :)

For Arena, your goal is to try to get enough mana as fast as possible for the S3 nuke (with [Dark] perk if possible). This is also where the Mana Recovery/ATK rune on UW may become helpful. Of course if theres a certain someone that has shields, invulnerability, silence, irremovable debuffs, or some kind of effect that hinders your ability to fire that S3... welp feelsbadman... nothing Selene can do alone. :[


Now here we get to the fun part:


Ah yes the infamous Maria + Selene Combo in arena. Maria's S3 (Area of Darkness) is basically a black hole that sucks your enemies to the center of the hole and then Selene's S3 pretty much mows them all down.


Priscilla's S2 (Coordination) boosts Selene's Atk (yay more damage). Priscilla's S3 (Turbulent Dance) is a mini version of Maria's S3, where she sucks enemies to herself. Helpful set up as well.


Mediana's S3 (Strengthening Potion) and Passive (Mediana's Special Poison) increase Selene's ATK.


Demia's S1 (Penetration) pulls the furthest enemy from her (in most cases their DPS) to the front line. Helps line up the S3 and S2/S1 combo. 


Phillop's Passive (Destroy Armor) reduces the enemies P. DEF, which allows Selene to hurt her enemies even more.


Annette's [Dark] T5 boosts 200 Atk Spd and increases ATK of her allies by 5% of her ATK. Both are beneficial for Selene's damage output.

Some Videos Highlighting Selene's S3 in Arena (Sorry that there's no audio)

Thats It!

That pretty much wraps up my guide on Selene. Thank you for reading my very first guide I've ever done for a game. Let me know anything I can improve on or if there is any inaccurate information. I hope it offered some insight on my thoughts for the character and perhaps convinced you to get Selene. :)