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Hello guys, I am back with a more detailed guide on the long purple hair MALE assassin Fluss. Here we will go over his concept, skills, Transcendence Perks, gear sets, and usage in different areas. Of course, he is obviously an Arena focused hero and the section will be the biggest section in terms of content to use Fluss.

Fluss’ Concept and Skills

Fluss is an Assassin Class hero who targets the enemy with highest ATK stat and has the highest possible hit counts per Auto Attack. With Mark and T5 Dark, he will hit three times per one HIT of his Auto Attack. He has self M. Tough buffs and Passive M. Dodge, making him tankier against magic DMG.

Skill 1: Tempest Blade

This is his only AoE skill.  This skill triggers Mark DMG as well. Not a very good DMG multiplier but has a very low cooldown. Moves on to a different enemy if target dies before the last slash.

Skill 2: Flashstep

This is his teleportation skill. The DMG showing in the skill description seems small, but it actually is a substantial dps source (around 20%) for Fluss as he hits a lot and hits fast.

Skill 3: Bloody Petals

This is his largest DMG skill. Deals ??? P.DMG to enemy and restricts (similar to stun but reapplied by each attack.) the target while casting. Single Target. He moves on to a next enemy if his target dies before the end of the skill. Last hit deals ??? P.DMG and knocks down the target. This skill triggers Mark DMG.

Skill 4: Spell Cutter

Upon receiving M.DMG, deal ??? P.DMG to the attacker. Afterward, dodges all M.DMG for 3 seconds. This is random and you shouldn’t rely on this to deal with all magic damage but it is a nice addition that sometimes can be life saving.

Transcendence Perks for Fluss

Fluss has different sets of builds that enables him to perform in different roles. I will try to cover the most popular ones.

1. Full Offense PvP Build with High Auto Attack DMG

T1: ATK, HP/Crit Resist

T2: Target Weakness/Opportune Strike

T3: S2 Dark and S3 Dark

T5: Dark

This gives him a more consistent dps with Auto Attack DMG boost by 50% when S3 is under cooldown. If you’d like more skill DMG, you can replace S3 with T5 Light and it works well too. This build works for people who would like to take initial advantage, even risking Fluss’ death after he eliminates one enemy DPS. If you want this build, make sure you have at least two heroes that have CC or a strong team defense capability. 

2. High Dodge/Survivality PvP Build

T1: ATK, HP/Crit Resist

T2: Tactical Foresight

T3: S2 Dark

T5: Light and Dark

Much more focused on keeping Fluss alive, this builds suits people who want to prolong the fight a little more or are building a heavy dodge deck with other heroes such as Kasel, Naila, etc. This will of course lower his dps output by some but not too significantly. In my testing to a dummy, Build 1 scored end DPS of 4.7 million. Build 2 scored about 4 million, which is about 15% DPS loss. A tank Fluss would likely replace the ATK with HP.

3. PvE Dealer Build


T2: Target Weakness

T3: DMG increase perks like S1 Light, S3 Dark or S2 Dark if you need the dispel.

T5: Light and Dark

Few people use Fluss in PvE but I tried and this is the best build I got so far. Opportune Strike is no longer on the list because no mobs have Crit Resist stats but many have high DEF and more ATK is always good. T3 can be what you think to be right, but if you want him as a dispeller S2 Dark is mandatory.

Fluss’ Gears

Similar to his Transcendence builds, his gear sets also vary depending on the role you want him to play. I will relate the gear build with the T Builds. Note that both builds are using full BD set. I will introduce Fluss’ Unique Weapon and Unique Treasure at the end.

For Players Who Use T Build 1&3

Options to look for: ATK, Crit, Atkspd, Crit DMG

Replace one Crit DMG and one Atkspd with one Lifesteal and one Penetration. If you want, you can keep Crit DMG to sacrifice either Penetration or Lifesteal. A pretty straightforward build imo, this focuses on unlocking the maximum potential of Fluss’ DMG.

For Players Who Use T Build 2 or Similar Dodge Builds

Options to look for: ATK, Crit, Atkspd, Crit DMG but have at least 2 P.Dodge stats by replacing Atkspd or Crit DMG.

You can have lifesteal if you want but the important thing is you want some P.Dodge. At least two, preferably more. Atk and Crit should not be sacrificed. Most people would prefer to keep some Atkspd due to the importance of launching skills first in Arena.

*In both cases, some build ACC in Fluss in order to fight dodge-heavy heroes like Tanya. It is up to you to determine if it is worth it for your own team. For example, you won’t need ACC on him if you use Phillop (likely as Dealop in this case) as Phillop reduces P. Dodge by 50% with his passive stacks.

Honorable mention to tank Fluss: In this case Fluss will go for similar stat as a dodge tank with toughness runes and a dodge rune on his Weapon and Sub-armor. He will priotize Atkspd, Toughness, Dodge, Crit Resist, and CC Resist. You can also slightly lower the DEF of Fluss by giving him 4 or 3* armors in order to attract Lowest-DEF Tracking assassins such as Mirianne and Tanya. It is recommended that you use either a legendary or a Class UW for the extra defense substats. Note that this build requires you to have at least 2* Soul Spring Water.

Unique Weapon: Twinswords of Fury, Veralta

Option: Every 7 Seconds, for 30 Seconds, ATK is increased by 12/14/17/20/25/30% and Atkspd by 120/140/170/200/250/300. Can be stacked max 3 times.

As you can see, it is a very strong UW effect. At 0 Star, his uw increases his ATK by 36% and Atkspd by 360 at max stack. Note that this effect can be dispelled.

Unique Treasure: Immortal Rose

Bloody Petals DMG is increased by 20/24/29/35/42/50% and dodges all M.DMG while casting.

Not as impressive as his UW effect but this comes in handy when you are dealing with a full magic team. I don’t have to worry about Laias S3 canceling my Fluss S3 anymore. Also as his S3 is a single target skill, he is liable to attack by another enemy DPS. If the DPS is magic, he does not have to worry about his S3 getting canceled.

Useful Artifacts for Fluss

Angry Pumpkin Head

Pretty Self-Explanatory, it’s just more DMG you deal and less DMG you receive.

Fancy Traditional Pendant

It is just a normal DPS boosting artifact.

Talisman of Resistance

It saves you from one CC skill and make sure your Fluss has some defense against CC Lock comps.

Earth Protection

Personally I consider it as an inferior version of Talisman but at least you can farm for it with World Boss. Grants CC Immunity but can be dispelled.

Soul Spring Water

By far the best artifact for Fluss. At least a 2* form of this artifact is required for building a tank Fluss because it will let you teleport him instantly at the beginning of match, faster than Leo/Cassandra.

Golden Mask of Ancient King

Good for a more sustainable Fluss, this is a little RNG based but still a good thing to keep if your purpose is to keep Fluss alive for a long time.

Judgment Light Bracelet

This is an alternative to deal with dodgy heroes. Boosts your ACC and CC ACC by a large amount.

Arena with Fluss

Fluss is an Arena hero. Period. He is a PvP assassin designed to quickly shut down enemy main DPS with his low mana cost skills. Strong especially against magic heroes and heroes with high mana cost, he can be a nice addition to your team if you are suffering from fighting Magic DMG or quick burst.

What Fluss Offers:

-He has opening advantages due to his low mana cost skills. With 2* Soul Spring Water, he can instantly teleport and is faster than Leo/Cassandra silence.

-He dispels with S2 Dark perk and T5 Dark. T5 Dark is not reliable but S2 Dark is a really good way to dispel buffs such as Baudouin S3 or Mediana S3.

-Fluss tracks targets. He always priotizes enemies with his Mark. For example, if you left a Mark on Epis and she teleported to your backline, Fluss will follow her. If you immediately use a skill, Fluss will either 1) blink toward his target or 2) look like he is throwing the skill in the air but deal DMG to the Marked enemy.

-He has good sustainability against Magic DMG. His M.Tough buff is great for him to tank Magic DMG while his passive can sometimes be life saving. Or deadly, in situations like this in which Ophelia attacked Fluss with her S3 but died from the Spell Cutter’s Reflection DMG.

What Fluss lacks/has problems:

-He has low DPS. Fluss has relatively low DMG multipliers and long cooldown on his S3. This causes him to have problems against tanky decks. It is recommended you use at least one DPS who can fight against wall decks.

-His Mark can be cleansed. This can be problematic from time to time. If you teleported to a frontline and they cleanse the Mark, you might use your S3 on enemy tank and it will probably take off less than 30% of the HP.

-He lacks AoE skills. His S1 is technically an AoE skill, but it has a limited range of effect. Mostly you will not hit anyone other than your target hero unless enemy heroes are all gathered due to draw-in or knockback skills.

-He has no self-defense against Physical DMG. Unlike heroes like Tanya whose dodge applies to both Magic and Physical DMG, Fluss’ skills only protect him from Magic DMG. 

PvE with Fluss

Fluss is an Arena hero. This means that he is not recommended in the majority of PvE situations. However, I found some niche situations in which he can be quite useful. Here is the list:

-Removing World Boss Protianus’ Water Prison Stacks

Fluss’ fast hit counts can rapidly remove this pesky Water Prison lockdowns. If you only have slow-hit physical dealers and you have problems removing Water Prison, he is worth it to use.

-Dispelling Guild Raid Gushak’s Orc Rage stacks.

Fluss has 10 sec cooldown guaranteed dispel with T5 Dark’s chancy dispel. In a Phillop-Roi-Fluss-Mediana setup, he keeps the maximum stacks around 40-50.

-Removing Guild Raid Maviel’s Dodge Stacks

Same mechanic as Water Prison, Fluss’ fast hit counts can quickly remove Maviel’s Dodge Stacks. In Hard Mode I normally do 11-14 billion DMG per key unless I get really unlucky and boss reduces my tank’s healing by 100%. If you would like to see my setup, it is Phillop (T3, 0* UW, 1* CT)-Roi (T5, 3* UW, 0* UT)-Fluss (T5, 2* UW, 0* UT)-Mediana (T5, 1* UW, 0* CT).

It is important to know that under any of these PvE circumstances Fluss should NOT be the highest ATK hero. It is recommended to keep his ATK significantly below your Main DPS (as his UW buffs his ATK stat) so that he will not steal the buffs that goes to the hero with Highest ATK. Even with massive buffs, he will still not deal DPS even close to that of Roi and Gladi with same UW level.