Bepis, the Captivating Demon - An Epis Guide

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Epis is a magic damage assassin with a strong single target nuke (two if you take skill 2 dark at T3) while also having decent Area of Effect (AoE) damage due to her skill 3 and self-buffs and amps. She is a very versatile hero and you can use her in a lot of content including Dragon Raids, World Boss, Guild Raid, and PvP.

Acquiring the Hero

1. Buy her for 4,000 rubies.

2. Hero Selector

3. Hero's Inn


absorbing blow Skill 1: Absorbing Blow

Deal X M.DMG that ignores enemy defense and recover HP based off 25% of the DMG inflicted.

This is Epis' bread and butter skill. It is a huge single target nuke that ignores enemy defense and also heals her. This ability also gains the ability to ignore enemy m.block with the T3 dark perk, which is very good in PvP.

nightmare Skill 2: Nightmare

Moves behind the furthest enemy dealing X M.DMG. Hit enemies gain a debuff that makes them receive 30% extra M.DMG for 10 sec.

This ability on its own allows Epis to dodge a lot of abilities due to her invincibility frames, plus it has a 30% magic amp which increases her overall damage. In addition to this, if you take the dark perk, then skill 1 is casted right after using this(!). For PvE this is great because it allows her to use her huge defense ignoring nuke twice.

devil's prom Skill 3: Devil's Prom

Deal X M.DMG to all enemies in range. Gains immunity to CC while using this skill.

This ability gives Epis an AoE attack, which also heals her on critical hits. Since this skill now also heals, all three of her active abilities are able to sustain her, which makes it very simple to gear for her.

harvest Passive: Harvest

When an enemy is killed by this hero, increase ATK by X for 12 sec and reduce all skill cooldowns by 30%.

Her passive ability. It is an attack boost and also reduces her skill cooldown to give her more dps, pretty simple.

guillotine Unique Weapon: The Seductress, Guillotine

Upon attacking, there is a 25% chance to deal M.DMG worth X% of ATK and increase own ATK by X%. This ATK boost can stack up to a max of 10 times.

Epis' Unique Weapon effect gives her bonus damage as well as a self-buff. It is needed on her, even for the three rune slots and extra attack alone and her damage also scales really well with UW stars.

General Usage

For most content, Epis is able to be played on auto while maintaining decent DPS. However, if you find yourself struggling on harder content, you can manual her by optimizing when to use Nightmare to dodge abilities that would otherwise kill Epis.

Transcendence Perks


pve perks

I skip out on T2 because T5 light gives more overall useful stats because opportune strike only gives critical chance (which I already have 100% of without it) and critical damage and target weakness gives attack and penetration (which Epis doesn't need). So instead I choose to pick the T5 light perk to get 15% attack and 20% critical damage. If your gear doesn't get you 100% critical chance without opportune strike, I would take that instead.


For PvP the perks remain the same except for the Transcendence 3 perks, which become more flexible. Instead of Absorbing Blow [Light], I would take the Dark perk to make sure you kill high m.block enemies and you have the option of taking Nightmare [Light] as well which may help her survivability in PvP.

Gears and Runes

I would go full BD set for both PvP and PvE.

For PvE use earrings and I would get the following lines:


Critical Chance

Critical Damage

Attack Speed

However, for PvP depending on your UW stars, you can drop some lines of attack or even critical damage in favor of HP or Accuracy (since Epis can miss her skill 1 on some high dodge units, you can try getting ACC to offset this). You can drop your earring for a ring as well if you have high UW stars.

Epis doesn't need lifesteal since all her abilities already sustain her and she doesn't need to gear for penetration since her main ability already ignores defense. By getting 4 lines of attack speed, Epis can generate enough mana to keep spamming her skills off cooldown.

For her Unique Weapon runes:

PvE: 3x Attack

PvP: 2x Attack, 1x MP Recovery/Attack

For scale armor and cape, use Critical Damage and Critical Chance respectively for both PvE and PvP.


blessing of earth Blessing of Earth - Good for World Boss, Guild Raid, and Dragon Raids (once you clear the whelps, her DPS increase is noticeable).

angry pumpkin Angry Pumpkin Head - Good general purpose artifact, can be used anywhere since it just increases damage dealt and decreases damage taken.

Thumbnail Fancy Traditional Pendant - Another general purpose artifact that was given for free during the Lunar New Year 2018 event. It can also be used anywhere if you have no other artifacts since it is just DPS stat increase.

Thumbnail Talisman of Resistance - A PvP artifact. Useful for when you go against heroes like Cassandra that can CC you at the start of a match. Epis needs to get Nightmare off so she can teleport to the backline and snipe them, so Talisman helps her do this without being CCed.