Forming a PvP Team: CC Lock Team

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Hey guys, Nightshade is back. This time I am writing about forming a type of PvP team called CC Lock comp. As it’s name implies, CC Lock comp uses numerous CC skills to prevent enemies from counterattacking, safely taking the win.

Heroes with Good PvP CC

In order to create a CC Lock Team, we need CC heroes! Below are some good heroes that can help you putting your enemies under lockdown.



A former meta who is rising again. S1 knocks down enemies and S2/S3 stuns. S3 has long stun duration and has 50% chance to dispel positive effects (12.5% chance that no dispel will occur so that’s pretty good).


Current Meta PvP Tank. Her S1 pulls and stuns heroes in front of her. S3 jumps and stuns heroes around her. S3 can be useful against 1 tank 3 ranged heros comp as T3 perk can allow her jump toward hero with highest Atk.


Former Goddess of Arena. Her S2 stun is removed, but she still comes with S1 knockdown and S3 blind. S4 has a chance to stun frontlines. Her unstoppable dispel S2 also make sure you can deal with Frey/Bau CC Immunity.


A hero who recently joined to create a Magic Wall Deck. S1 has RNG stun that is a pretty large AoE while S3 stuns. She can be built with ID set to deal high DMG and be extremely tanky.



Our white lil’ goblin who holds the title King of CC. He has CC in all four of his skills. S1 knocks back, S2 blinds and stuns, S3 stuns upon landing and also exploding. S4 stuns. He also has good burst DMG.


Queen of CC. She has her trademark Black Hole (S3). On top of that, she has S2 shackle and S1 knockback. Has better duration and repositioning utility than Lakrak for being more mana hungry.


A once ignored hero who recently got a massive buff. S2 shackles in range (this can shackle about as far as where middle liners stand) and S3 blinds for 6 sec which is nice because many people do not realize they are under blind and fire off skills anyway. S3 can be enhanced to dispel also.


Now, Warriors are in a tricky position. They can be either tank or DPS. I will try to categorize them as best as I can. Naila S1 passes through heroes, knocking them down. Her S3 deals AoE DMG (+50% DMG if the Target is knocked down) and stuns. Her S4 can knock down enemies for every fifth auto-attack. Good to counter directional skills like Selene S3, Ricardo S3, etc.


Tanking Gau works but I often see DPS Gau. His S1 knocks down frontline while S3 the whirlwind can pull enemies and freezes. This is a very strong cC skill as while S3 is casting he is immune to CC and constantly CC-ing enemies.


Best chip CC (CC with very short duration) and very high DPS. He was often used to melt down Demia, but his S4 stuns are good to lock down frontlines and his S3 has powerful stun and damage. Chip CC can ignore cleanse (as you will CC the enemy after cleanse anyway), which can be a decisive factor.


Our mini-pirate. She has CC on all her active skills. S1 knocks back, S2 knocks down, and S3 slows or stuns (transcendance perk). Has good damage and a little more utility than Lakrak.


The ice mage of the game. His frost debuff now does not get removed after freezing the target. While he takes time to gain enough mana to CC, he is a mage and has Blessing of Mana Perk. And after he starts his CC chain, he can endlessly freeze enemies by himself.


She is similar to Pavel, needing heavy mana but also her class covering for it. She is best used as the finishing CC that lasts long but has high mana cost. If you are using Lorraine in PvP, have another CC that has lower mana cost.


Viska can dive into backline and destroy formations. Also comes with a tank buff removal which is nice to have. Carries powerful magic amp with her UW too.


She targets lowerst P.DEF to knockdown/stun with her S1. All her skills silence enemies when Crit Hit occurs, so maximizing her critical chance is key to making her a CC-er. Also carries dispel with S1-S3 combo.



The famous dispelling&silencing healer. The ultimate Anti-Baudouin. He dispels and silences the entire team, earning him the name of cancer. Zero mana cost on his S3 but people rarely use him outside of arena.


Aside from his 7 seconds of invulnerability, (which is bad if you don’t have dispel or Bau and have to face him) his S2 has 6 second shackle after knocking back the target. S1 slow makes the affected enemies gain mana slowly, delaying the deployment of a cleanse skill.


She is a hero that specifically counters the instant Leo silence&Bau shield with her faster silence. She cannot dispel but she casts faster CC than anyone else in the game at the moment with same Atk Spd. Also can charm enemy DPS and make him/her attack his/her own ally.


His S4 stuns the enemy when it critically hits. If you are aiming at a sequence of quick, short CC to negate the effectiveness of cleanse skills, he can be useful assuming you have him at 100% critical chance. If the match is prolonged, you can also launch his S1 to stun-nuke enemies.

Creating a Synergizing CC Lock

Now that we saw some examples of CC heroes(note that even if a certain hero is not on my list, he/she can be fit into your team depending on the composition) I will introduce some process of thinking of creating a CC Lock Team. Here are some questions that you need to consider:

Whats the CC type of (a hero’s name)?

Is this a complete disabling CC such as stun, freeze, draw-in? Or is it silence that stops skills but not auto atttacks? Or is it blind, that does not prevent anything but makes every attack miss? The types of CC can be very important to keep in mind.

How much mana do I need, and how fast does the hero gain mana?

In PvP, mana gain rules. Low mana cost skills generally have shorter CC (except maybe Leo) duration or relatively small AoE. It is best to use at least one hero that uses small amount of mana for fast but short CC and one hero with high mana cost but longer duration of CC. Mages and Mechanics can, however, have more breathing space as far as mana is concerned due to their T2 Perks, Blessing of Mana and Load Cannon.

What is the position of my CC-er?

Position is important because this can mean a certain hero can be out of reach of certain CC. Relying too much on frontline for CC is generally not a good idea as there are heroes who CC frontlines with passives (this does not need any mana) such as Theo, Lakrak and Scarlet.

What is the cooldown of each of my cc skills?

If the fight is prolonged, the game depends also on cooldown of your skills. This is mainly why I recommend at least one rapid CC thrower. They fill the time gap between the end of your long CC and the next long CC skill. The quick CC negates the effectiveness of cleanse and make sure your enemy cannot utilize your CC skill cooldown to launch counterattacks.

Example of Skill Rotation

I will give you my PvP roster so that I can demonstrate the importance/process of skill rotation. My team is as follows:





Yes, I have a cancer hero in my deck. But nowadays, I only use Bau S3 to burn enemy Scarlet S2 so that I can launch my CC Lock without having problems.

1. I have 2* spring water. Which means my Lakrak instantly gets one mana orb. I use his S2 (I enhance this to have 1 mana cost with trans perk). This stuns enemies for 1 sec and blinds for 4 seconds. Because of this I have slight edge in mana gain over enemies. Even if you don’t have spring water, Golden Cat Artifact or Blessing of Mana perk enables you to throw low mana CC fairly quickly.

2. I then shackle front&middle with Dimael S2. This is a 6 second shackle. Very useful, especially with wall decks and assassin heavy comps. This gives me time to charge my mana for some big mana skills. If many enemies have some kind of CC Immunity, I go straight to Dimael S3 which dispels&blinds hit enemies.

3. I use Demia S1 and stun. I honestly don’t care if healer is pulled or not because this is only a prep move...but if enemy team is something like 1 tank and 3 backline, I instead use Demia S3 and jump toward the highest ATK.

4. I throw Lakrak’s Glue Bomb. This stuns at least one and most likely two heroes upon landing.

5. I immediately follow casting Lakrak S3 with casting Dimael S3. This will dispel all buffs from enemy, making sure Lakrak’s burst damage can hit the targets.

6. Lakrak’s glue bomb goes off. Most games end here or before.

7+. Then I simply return to the first step and spam skills because at this point majority of my skills’ cooldowns are over. Depending on the occasion, I will throw Bau S1 to slow enemy mana gain or S2 to shackle jumping assassins or knights.

Things to Remember when Playing CC Lock

These are some precautions when using a CC Lock comp.

1. Do NOT overlap CC.

Never waste your CC duration by overlapping something like stun and shackle. You are wasting your CC and mana and letting possibility of CC downtime give advantage to enemies.

2. Watch out for enemy counterattack and be flexible in CC sequence.

Your opponent is not going to just sit there and watch you lock down his/her team. Watch out for counter CC. Watch out for Earth Protection. See how many cleanse they have. See if they have CC Immunity in any skills. Don’t be stuck in one plan and believe it to work every time.

3. Quickly find dangerous targets.

Find your priority. It is mostly your opposing dealer lines. Make sure you can hit them with your CC. It’s usually fine to miss enemy healer lines. CC Lock works better with bursty comps. Keep at least one critical skill that deals large DMG.

4. Know exactly what each of your CC skills do.

Make sure you know exactly what kind of CC each skill does. This is very important in preventing enemies from exploiting a certain weakness of your CC. For example, Leo wouldn’t do much things to Nyx who relies on auto-attacks, not skills, for his DMG.

Counters to CC Lock

As much as CC Lock is a combination that disables your enemy from doing anything, it is not invincible. Here are some counters to CC Lock Teams.


Most often an underlooked hero, Kasel is nearly invincible to CC Lock comps. His S3 can be transcended to only cost 3 mana. And he has self-mana gain skill(S4). This buff is deadly to CC comps because this is 20 seconds long, gives him 25% dodge buffs, and also CC Immunity. Most of all, this effect CANNOT BE DISPELLED. Once he activated this, any CC or dispel means nothing to him. He will ignore it all while also dodging your attacks quite a lot, making himself very tanky.


The most famous of cleansers. They remove CC. One of them may not be a huge threat, but if two or more of them are together, they can easily break off your CC chain with cleanse. Especially look out for Rephy, he might have the 0 mana cost cleanse trans perk.


The three shielders. Shields make the affected heroes immune to CC. This is why dispel is such an important thing in Arena. If you are aiming at Master/Challenger, it’s a good idea to bring a dispelling hero with you.