Fortress of Steel Demia, Strong Gurl Guide

By Leiysa »
Hero » Demia

Her full name is Demia Ditrion, Demia is a Physical Tank that provide whole party with high P.Block rate and decent P.DEF permanently via her S4. Her strong point at the moment is in PVP but in PVE she is still quite decent tank but not as good as Clause she was 1 shooting WB1 CC bar back in the old days, but somehow people says they still need Demia in some CR and Hard Mode Raid.

How to get this gurl and Where to use her

  1. Buy her for 4,000 rubies.
  2. Hero Selector. 
  3. Hero's Inn (1,000 points)

PVP tank is her Main Role so PVP is the best for her, but she is a decent tank for CR, PDH, BDH, WB1, ToO, ToC. Me personally do use both PVP and PVE, because why not.

Skills Set

1. Penetration (3 mana | 11 sec CD) :

Throw a spear at the furthest enemy, dealing X P.DMG and drawing enemy in front of the hero. Then, deals X P.DMG to enemies in range, and stunning them for 3 sec.

Skill book : DMG increase 10% (20), DMG increase 15% (60), Stun duration is increased by 2 sec (120)

This skill is her main CC for interupting in arena or *amping in PVE, this skill do need high ACC for PVP since people use CC Resist substat on their backline.

*if you take the perk

2. Will to Win (2 mana | 15 sec CD) : 

Upon blocking enemy attack for 15 sec, triggers a shockwave that deals X P.DMG  to enemies in range, reducing their ATK by 20%.

Skill book : DMG increase 10% (20), DMG increase 15% (60), Enemy ATK reduction is increased by 50% (120)

This skill is great a 30% ATK decrease is good, also it can affect nearby enemies not only the attacker(melee). This is why you need high block for Demia.

3. Steel Fortress (Mana : 3 | 22 sec CD) :

Become Steel Fortress mode, where your Demia stand still and gains immunity to CC. Every block on Steel Fortress mode increase jumping DMG by 7%, Also deals X P.DMG to nearby enemies and stun them for 0.7 sec, After casting, jumps and attacks enemy, dealing X P.DMG and stun them for 4 sec

Skill book : DMG increase 10% (20), DMG increase 15% (60), DMG increase 25% (120)

This skill is still good despite being nerfed for jumping and stunning the enemy's higher attacker or cut WB1 laser DMG.

4. Spearhead : 

 All allies' P.DEF is increased by X and P.Block chance is increased by 250

Skill book : DEF boost is increased by 10% (20), DEF boost is increased by 15% (60), DEF boost is increased by 25% (120)

Her ace skill that providing high permanent P.Block boost.

Transcendence Perks

Solo Tank PVE :                             WB, Raid Tank PVE :


Pull PVP :                                   DPS Breaker PVP :


Transcendence 3 and 5 Explained

Light : In exchange for 1 additional Mana Cost, pull in 2 enemies.

Dark : All pulled enemies take 25% increased DMG from all sources for 10 sec.

Light is good in PVP but it will cost 4 Mana, while Dark is good for PVE content especially WB, CR

Light : Deals extra P.DMG based on P.DEF.

Dark : Ally P.DEF is boosted by 20% for 10 sec after activation.

Not recomended, but if you want to take it, take Dark.

Light : Upon jumping, charge at the target with highest ATK.

Dark : While casting, all allies take 20% reduced P.DMG.

Light is good in PVP, it will stun highest ATK enemies while charging and do more stun after jumping.

Dark is good for cut WB1 laser ATK, BDH, PDH breath, and other P.DMG burst.

Light : P.DEF is increased by 20% and P.Block is boosted by 50%.

Dark : Recovers HP equal to 40% of P.DEF upon blocking.

Not recommended, since the increase isn't that much.

Light : ATK/DEF/HP +15% P.Block +200

Dark : At the beginning of every battle, decrease the ATK of all enemies by 20% for 6 sec. This effect cannot be dispelled.

Light is a general purpose, while Dark provide support for PVP

Unique Weapon and Unique Treasure

The Blue Light, Arpheus

Each block has a X chance of recovering 3% mana and reducing all skill cooldown by 1 sec.

Her UW is kinda whatever i don't think she actually need an UW, except for rune slot.

Aura of Protection

[Steel Fortress] Mana cost is reduced by 1 and jump attack's Stun duration is increased by X sec.

Must have. Besides the awesome of its effect it also boost hp, which is very important for a tank.

Gears and Runes

PVP : BD/PD Gear

Substat :

  • Max HP
  • ACC
  • P.Block
  • ATK Speed

Runes :

  • Weapon : 0-2 P.Tough, 0-2 M.Tough, 1-3 Mana/ATK
  • Armor : M.Block
  • Sub-Armor : MP Recovery/DMG

PVE : BD/ID Gear

Substat :

  • Max HP
  • P.DEF
  • P.Block
  • ATK Speed

Runes :

  • Weapon : 1-2 P.Tough,1-2 P.Block DEF, 1-3 Mana/ATK
  • Armor : Max HP
  • Sub-Armor : MP Recovery/DMG


Golden Mask of Ancient King : Upon taking a hit, there is a 5% chance to gain invulnerability to all DMG for X sec. Has a cooldown of 5 sec.

This Artifact is good for general tank. Invulnerability frame is kinda long, it can negate all DMG and make your hero immune to CC

Roaring Tiger Statue : When Hero health falls below 35%, deal DMG equal to 100% of ATK to nearby enemies and knock them down. Targeted enemies lose X ATK and X ATK Speed for 10 sec. Has a cooldown of 30 sec.

An emmergency "exit" Artifact, usually used in PVP.

Earth Core ATK, HP and all DEF are increased by X

A General Artifact, used to boost survivability with HP and DEF boost.

Soul Spring Water At the beginning of each battle, recover X HP and X mana

Recommended for PVP type Demia, *2 or higher recommended.

Christmas Star Ornament : At the beginning of each battle, for 5 sec, increase Mana Recovery per sec by X. Also, Crit Resistance is increased by X. This effect cannot be dispelled

A substitute Artifact for Soul Spring Water, not much recommended but if you have high star its good.

Judgment of Light Bracelet : ACC and Status Effect ACC rise by X.

Pull PVP type Artifact. Pierce that CC Resist substat with this Artifact.

Madame's Bronze Mirrors : Raises own M.Block Chance by X, and M.DMG Reduction is increased by X.

A DPS Breaker PVP Artifact, block any M.DMG and support to deal more jumping DMG to M.DPS in PVP.

Sealed Chain of Ancient God : Every X sec, cast Silence to a random enemy for X sec and remove positive effects.

An Artifact used in PVP and BDH, not much recommended but still better than nothing. Providing silence and remove buff from random enemies is good , but it is kinda RNG for PVP. You won't know which heroes will get silenced.

Team Comp and Conclusion

I dont think she need an accurate team, She do fit in every team(Especially wall deck). And like I said before, she does excel in PVP but She is decent in PVE. She is strong despite all those nerf but well her pick rate in arena dropping about 15%-28% if i wasn't mistaken, use her wisely.