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Understand gear awakening, enhancement, enchantment and reforging.

What is gear progression?

Gear progression is the increasing of gear power from baseline to a higher (or maximum) level. When gear is first obtained it is not fully realized as a end-game piece of gear for whatever it is.

This guide will help a player understand what awakening, enchantment and enhancement is, and the player will be able to go forward and do it on their own.


Enhancement is usually the first step in raising gear. Enhancing gear is denoted by the +numbers at the top right of a piece of gear.

A +20 Enhanced ring

Enhancing gear is the process of increasing the gear's power level by sacrificing other gear or enchantment crystals to the piece of gear wanting to be raised.

Enhancment brings the gear's main stat value up to 320% of maximum value. Awakening brings the other 320%, for a total increase of 640% of base value. Enhancement also unlocks gear sub-stats (also known as lines) which allows the gear to give its wearer additional power. It's also very inexpensive (compared to awakening) to enhance gear. These three points make enhancing extremely valuable as a cheap way to increase gear value fast.

To begin enhancing, either open the inventory or hero gear tab. Click on a piece of gear. Below, "Enhance" is visible. Click that to open the enhanceewindow.

A unenhanced piece of gear at +0. Enhance is highlighted.

When enhancing gear, it is important to note the tier level of the gear. The gear above is T7, signified by the "T7" in the upper left corner of the gear's icon. Gear of varying qualities exists, from common to legendary. Each color of gear increases the enhance level by a varying amount.

The most efficient way to enhance gear is to consume gear of the same quality (or higher) when enhancing. For example, consuming a T7 legendary gear to enhance another T7 legendary gear will result in a 100% (or +1) increase in enhancement. Using this method, it is possible to use only 20 pieces of gear to fully enhance a piece of gear to +20!

For a T7 legendary piece of gear to be enhanced, it will always cost 22,400 gold, no matter the sacrificed gear's tier, quality or level.

Consuming one piece of T7 legendary gear to enhance
a T7 piece of legendary gear. Note the 100% increase.

Consuming ten pieces of T7 legendary gear to
enhance a T7 legendary gear. Note the options
added at the bottom.

Consuming a +20 T7 legendary gear to enhance
a T7 legendary gear. The enhancement level is
400%, or 15% per enhancement level + 100% base.

Enhancement crystals are used to enhance gear without the need to consume other gear.

It is important to note that there are no benefits to using awakened gear to enhance gear. Already enhanced gear, however, brings an additional 15% enhancement per enhance level of the sacrificed gear. For example, enhancing a T7 legendary gear with a +5 T7 legendary gear will enhance by (100% + (15% x 5)) = 175%. A +20 gear will enhance the gear of the same quality by 400%.


Awakening is usually the second step in raising gear. Awakened gear is denoted by the number of stars the gear has on it.

A 5 Awakened earring

Awakening gear is the process of increasing the gear's power level by sacrificing other gear of the same type and tier to the piece of gear wanting to be raised.

To begin awakening, visit the Forge and click the Gear Awakening tab.

The gear awakening area at the forge.

Like enhancing, awakening costs gold. The amount to awaken varies by tier. At tier 7 the cost is 768,000 gold to awaken any piece of gear at any awakening level. The cost does not increase per awakening instance as awakening level increases. (e.g., awakening a T7 to 1★ will cost 768,000 the same as awakening a T7 to 5★ will.)

Awakening is not as straightforward as enhancing is, where sacrificing gear increases level in a linear fashion. Instead, this is more of a chance-based system.

Below is a table to explain what the awakening chances are. The chance is figured by the goal ★ minus the level of gear sacrificed.

Sacrifice ★ Goal ★ % Success Fail Bonus
0★ 1★ 100% N/A
0★ 2★ 50% 16%
0★ 3★ 25% 8%
0★ 4★ 10% 3%
0★ 5★ 1% 0%
1★ 2★ 100% N/A
1★ 3★ 50% 16%
1★ 4★ 25% 8%
1★ 5★ 10% 3%
et cetera

As seen above, a 1:1 gear will always succeed. So awakening a 1★ piece of gear with a 1★ sacrificial piece will always result in a 2★. Similarly, a 4★ combined with a 4★ will result in a 5★.

Failure grants a fail bonus to the gear that was not awakened. The fail bonus is always additive. For example, having a 50% chance to raise gear one awakening level with a 16% fail bonus means that awakening attempt will have a 66% chance of success.

To guarantee gear costs quite a bit; that is 32 total pieces of gear awakened up properly to guarantee a 5★ awakened item (expressed as 2 to the 5th power.) That also includes gold! 32 awakenings at T7 will cost a whopping 24,576,000 gold.

Taking chances with awakening is an alternative course. Instead of awakening at a 1:1 ratio, using chances to awaken means there may be success at obtaining higher awakened gear for cheaper, or it may wind up costing more than if it were guaranteed. The law of entropy states that it will all even out in the end, so in the long run it probably does not matter which route is sought.

There are guides and calculators out there which attempt to show the best path to awakening gear by chance.


Reforging is often times the next step in fully realizing a piece of gear. Option Enhancement is typically the step done after reforging.

The Reforge Equipment area at the forge.

Reforging equipment is designed to change one gear sub-stat to a different sub-stat. It will always be a different sub-stat, but not the same as one that occupies another sub-stat.

There are thirteen gear sub-stats.

Sub-Stat Name Maximum Value
ACC 110
ATK 11%
CRIT 110
M. DEF 11%
MAX HP 11%
P. BLOCK 220
P. DEF 11%
P. DODGE 110
PEN 110

That means when reforging there is a 1 in 9 chance of getting the sub-stat desired when aiming for one sub-stat in particular!

There is no gold cost associated with reforging. However, there is a ruby cost. The cost is 100 rubies for the first reforge. The price goes up from there:

Attempt Reforge Cost
1 100
2 200
3 400
4 800
5 1200
6 1600
7 2000

After the 7th attempt the price is fixed at 2000 rubies.

Please note that it is generally considered a bad value to reforge past a certain amount with rubies. The absolute value is up to the player, however. Many stop after two attempts, some after three attempts and a few push all the way to four or more.

Selecting a piece of gear to reforge. Note all options are available to be changed.

To select a gear to reforge, select either gear already on a hero or gear that is unequipped. Once a piece has been selected it will show as above. To change a sub-stat, click option change on the sub-stat wishing to be changed. Note that once a gear is committed to reforge a different sub-stat line may not be selected in the future, but that sub-stat may be reforged again.

The sub-stat reforged to offer penetration. Selecting one of the two and clicking confirm locks in the choice.

The reforge result. As we selected the original sub-stat, nothing was changed, but the sub-stat is locked.

Once a piece of gear has been successfully reforged, moving to option enhancement to maximize the gear sub-stats is the next step.

A reforged, max option enhanced piece of gear's sub-stats.


Reforge tickets are an alternative to consuming rubies. Each reforge ticket may be used once to skip the ruby expenditure of a reforge. That means if reforge has been done three times for rubies, the next reforge will cost 800 rubies. Opting to use a reforge ticket instead will cost the reforge ticket to reforge, and the ruby cost will remain where it was at 800 rubies.

It is not recommended to use reforge tickets willy-nilly. As they are often difficult to obtain, only released during special events or for purchase in May's Shop for 3,000,000 gold, they are considered valuable and should be reserved for very end-game gear pieces such as Beast of Chaos gear. There is of course no hard and fast rule, but restraint is advised.

Think carefully before using reforge tickets as they
do not come around frequently.

Option Enhancement

Option enhancement is often thr penultimate step in gear raising, undertaken when a gear has reached its desired lines or sub-stats.

The option enhancement area at the forge.

Option enhancement is extremely straightforward. Magic Powder (sometimes colloquially called dust, cocaine or powder) is obtained from grinding gear, purchasing powder boxes from the Guild Shop, found occasionally in May's Shop for gold, obtained from blue item summons or completing chapter 7 hell stages and receiving magic powder boxes. The higher the tier and quality of item, the more magic powder received.

Due to the expensive nature of option enhancement, it is generally only attempted once a gear has four desired sub-stats. Checking in at 768,000 gold per 5% increase on a single gear sub-stat, it is possible - and not uncommon - for enhancing up all the sub-stats on a piece of gear to cost over 50 million gold!

A chapter 7 Magic Powder box.
Each box gives 150 Magic Powder.

The accompanying result from opening the 17 boxes.

The inventory with the grind button showing. Select grind to begin grinding gear.

An end-game player's grind all window selections. If grinding enhancement crystals is desired, check that box.

Grinding a piece of T7 Ancient gear.
It will yield between 7 and 10 dust.

The accompanying result of grinding above gear

It takes a fixed number of magic powder to enhance gear per tier. At T7, it takes 1536 magic powder to enhance a sub-stat (or line) by 5%.

To enhance an option is random. Once in the Option Enhancement area, select a gear on the right side with desired sub-stats . Then click Option Enhancement.

The T7 legendary gear selected and ready for enhancement.

A 5% increase on P.Dodge after performing "Option Enhancement."

Once a sub-stat is maxed out it can not be increased further. Note that lower tiers of gear have lower limits for enhancement. Example, T6 ATK maximum is 10%, while T7 is 11%.


Not to be confused with enhancement, enchantment is the final step in completing a piece of gear.

The Enchant area at the forge.

Enchant can be found on the far right side of the forge area. Scrolling to click it may be required.

To obtain enchant scrolls, complete hard mode dragons. They are often difficult, and are most often done in a team. Note: Vespa will be releasing solo-mode hard dragons in the near future. Other ways to obtain enchant scrolls are to complete challenge raids, find them in the Special Shop, or buy them for gold in May's Shop when they appear.

Enchanting gear is adding an additional sub-stat to the gear without replacing a gear such as in reforging. It uses a chance based system, similar to reforging, but the costs are far less expensive.

The price for enchanting varies by scroll quality.

Scroll Quality Gold Cost
Rare (Blue) 100,000
Heroic (Purple) 250,000
Ancient (Red) 500,000
Legendary (Yellow) 1,000,000

Select a piece of gear to enchant and then select an enchant scroll.

A T7 Legendary gear showing obtainable enchant options. The list
is scrollable.

Review the options by scrolling through them, then click enchant to spend gold and begin the enchantment process. A random amount of a random sub-stat will be selected and presented.

ACC +45 enchant being applied to a piece of gear.

Rerolling enchants for better sub-stats is a common occurence to obtain better values or get the sub-stat desired. Note that it is unlikely, but possible to receive the same enchant sub-stat when the same item is enchanted again with another enchant scroll.

Attempting an enchantment on an already enchanted piece of gear.

Obtaining the ATK Spd +65 enchant, and selecting it over ACC +45.

The enchanted piece of gear with max option enhancement.


Raising gear is a time consuming, but simple task once the ins and outs are understood. Do not be afraid of raising gear, and begin the steps of gear raising once you begin to encounter difficulty in the story.

Thanks for reading!