Glossary of terms

By Siigari »

This is the glossary of King's Raid terminology and slang.

If you have additions or suggestions please leave them in the comments.

Raid: Content involving four or more heros in a raid battleground.

Leech: A non-derogatory term for a player that is being carried in raids. Generally brings one hero along and bids last.

Carry: A player who does the majority of the damage or work in a battle situation. Can be single or multiplayer content.

Dragon: A type of raid. Usually seen as BD70, PD80, etc.

BD: Black Dragon. (BDH: Black Dragon Hard.)

ID: Ice Dragon. (IDH: Ice Dragon Hard.)

FD: Fire Dragon. (FDH: Fire Dragon Hard.)

RD: Fire Dragon. (RDH: Fire Dragon Hard.)

PD: Poison Dragon. (PDH: Poison Dragon Hard.)

UW: Unique Weapon. A unique weapon is a hero's special weapon that can only be used by them. Offers three rune slots as opposed to one which standard gear has, and has special effects during combat.

SPD: Attack speed. This stat increases the speed at which a hero cycles through their attack animation, and also speeds up casting times during ability use.

ToC: Tower of Challenge.

ToO: Tower of Ordeals.

WB: World Boss. Comes in two variants: World Boss 1 (Mountain Fortress,) and World Boss 2 (Protanius.)

GR: Guild Raid.

GRH: Guild Raid hardmode.

Lines / Sub-stats: The auxiliary lines on gear. There are four lines on Legendary gear, three lines on Ancient and Epic gear, two lines on Heroic, Rare and Uncommon gear, and one line on Common gear. Most frequently players refer to the strength of their gear by how many lines a piece has that matches what they need. For example, a piece with ATK, CRIT, CRIT DMG and ATK SPD may be said to be a 4 line piece of gear due to its offensive stats.

Awaken: Awakening is the process of bringing up a hero or gear in star level. Stars are represented by 1 through 5 stars, and heros may be awoken further via transcendence.

Star: The awakening level of an item. An item said to be 0* (pronounced zero star) is an unawakened item. An item said to be 5* is a max awakened item.

T: Two definitions: 1) Transendence. 2) Gear Tier (seen as T1-T7, and T10.)

T level: Transendence level. The level of transcendence a hero is awoken to. Usually expressed as T#, such as T1, T3, T5.

LOH: League of Honor. Also known as the AFK Arena due to the high bot/macro population.

AFK: Away from keyboard.

Macro: Has two meanings. 1) Input done by an emulator or machine, often repeated clicks to automate content. 2) A level at which a human controls their hero's abilities in battle. Macro level control would be controlling all the CC abilities during a fight, for example.

Micro: Controlling all abilities during fights.

S#: Skill number. Often expressed in S1, S2, etc.

CR: Challenge Raid.

Plug: A forum-type resource where official correspondence is posted. Check "Notice" in-game for more information.

Stam: Slang for stamina.

Gold: A currency, gold is found in most stages as loot, in the Castle Vault and in chests.

Ruby: A currency obtained through events, and notably the cash shop.

Amity: A currency used by sending and sharing friendship points. Used in the Hero's Inn to purchase heros and some items.

HM: Hard mode. See Raid.

Amp: Slang for amplification/amplify. Amp is to increase the damage by a flat percentage during a fight. For example a hero does 100% of their attack value as damage. If they receive 20% Amp, they do 120% of their attack as damage. Amp is always additive, never multiplicative. Note: Amp and attack up are not the same thing.

Shred: Slang for defense shred. Shred reduces the amount of defense a target has by an amount during a fight. For example a target always has 100% of their defense value until it is shredded. A target that receives 20% shred will lose 20% of their defense value. Shred can also be expressed in by a value rather than a percentage. Shred is always additive, never multiplicative.

Attack up: Boosts the attack of a given hero by an amount.

Cuts: Healing reduction. Any ability or transcendence perk that reduces healing received by the target. Often seen as "mortal wound."

ATK: Attack. This stat increases the base damage of a hero's attacks.

PDEF: Physical Defense.

MDEF: Magic Defense.

DEF: Defense, speaking generally. Note: The hero with the most defense will always be at the "leader" of the fight, and placed up front, so long as they are a "front" hero.

HP: Health Points.

MP: Mana points. There are 6 orbs of mana, each representing 1000 mana points each.

Mana: The source of abilities for heros in King's Raid

CC: Crowd control. Usually expressed as a way to stop enemies from attacking or to otherwise manage them during a fight.

CC Bar: A boss with a yellow horizontal moving bar underneath it is a CC bar. The CC bar is measured in the number of seconds it takes - without interruption - to reach 0 (fully black.) When the CC bar reaches 0, the boss is downed for a period of time, usually ten seconds.