Guide on How to Use, Build, and Synergize Lakrak(aka Godrak, Lakgod)

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This guide is made for new lakrak players to show what purpose can lakrak serve in their teams, what stats he needs, the areas he excels, and useful trans perks on him. While he is unappealing to some people due to his looks, if you don’t mind it or actually like it like myself he will reward you with massive cc and burst dmg.

How to Get Lakrak

1. Get lucky and have him at the inn and fill out the 1000 kinship points.

2. Use your 2 Star Hero Selector 

3. Use 4,000 rubies in Special Shop

Lakrak’s Skills

1. Rapid Fire: Deals P.DMG and knocks back enemies in range. His source of clustering enemies by himself and destroying formations. Can be enhanced to either deal 40% more dmg or stun enemies for 3 sec with trans perks.  

Skill Books: 10, 15, 25% increase in DMG

2. Smoke Bomb: Deals P.DMG in range and blinds the hit enemies. Arena CC and Post-Death Timer survival kit. Blinds the target and interestingly, stuns target for 1 sec with maxed skill attribute. Can be enhanced to either cost only 1 mana or blinds for 6 seconds instead of 4.

Skill Books: 10% DMG+, 15% DMG+, Stuns Target for 1 sec.

3. Glue Bomb: Throws a glue bomb that sticks on a random enemy and stuns for 2 sec. It explodes 3 seconds after landing, dealing P.DMG and stunning the enemies in range for 3 seconds. His major source of dps. Can be enhanced to cost 2 manas only or cost 4 mana but throw two bombs. Two bomb skills on a single target=both bombs hit the enemy.

Skill Books: 10, 15, 25% DMG Increase.

4. Load Cannon: Upon auto-attacking, there is 15% chance to launch a rocket that deals P.DMG and stuns the enemies in range for 2 sec. His major source of CC Chaining. Can be enhanced to trigger by 25% chance or amp hit enemies’ received P.DMG by 25%.

Skill Books: 10, 15, 25% DMG Increase

Gear Build

Lakrak can make use of full BD set with a standard dps build substats: Atk, Atkspd, Crit, Crit Dmg. He does not need too much Atkspd and therefore u can replace few lines of it with Penetration or Lifesteal substat. This is because of his uw effect(Upon attacking, there is 25% chance to raise Atkspd by (300, 360, 420, 510, 615, 750-From 0 to 5* UW) and due to the recent patch this is essentially a permanent buff. Note that you do need, however, four lines of crit. His T5 perk, which will be explained in the next section, stacks every crit hit he does. This is to maximize his S3 [Glue Bomb] Damage, his main source of dps. Mechanics get 50% free base Crit Damage stat as their class trait, so maximizing critical in Mechanic class is always good. For the runes on the gears, UW: 2-3 Atk, 0-1 mana. If u don’t have uw, pick attack. Full bd set offers enough mana in pve, the extra mana rune, if you ever want it, is for his pvp capability. Armor and Sub-Armor need Crit Dmg and Crit Chance runes.

Here are some useful artifacts on Lakrak

- Drinking Horn of Ancient Cow

Adds Atk and Atkspd. Due to its trigger system(15% chance upon auto-attack), Lakrak who has built-in Atkspd in his uw will work great on him as he will auto attack fast.

-Soul Spring Water

This is a pure Arena Artifact. You don’t need this in PvE. This artifact gives u mana and some hp in the beginning of battle. It’s the mana that matters in pvp. Not only at 0* it gives you enough mana to shoot one auto attack and fire your smoke bomb at T3, at 2* it lets u start the game with a smoke bomb fire, giving u an edge against low mana cost(as they will likely waste mana by launching skill and missing)Enemies.

-Golden Cat Statue

PvP Artifact, also good in PvE you are temporarily using FD set before farming BD. More Atkspd=more mana. It’s that simple. Lets you fire skills faster.

-Talisman of Resistance

Another PvP artifact, this lets you get away with instant Cassandra/Leo silence or Sealed chain effect. Most likely Lakrak will be your main cc-er in Arena, so it is good to make sure that he can fire his cc when he wants to.

-Ancient Scope

Most often an underlooked artifact, this is actually great on Lakrak. The large amount of Crit chance and Acc it offers helps Lakrak boost his dps with Critical Hits and not miss an important cc to dodge-heavy foes such as Orleans, the Conquest boss in Chapter 5.

-Fancy Traditional Pendant

One of the few event artifacts that are actually good. Lakrak’s dps is crit reliant, so the extra Crit Chance and Critical Damage is really nice to have as he does not have Opportune Strike T2 perk.

-Angry Pumpkin Head

One of the best dps artifacts in the game. The dmg amp and received dmg reduction is great, especially if you are bringing Lakrak against a magical enemy.

Transcendence Perks

Lakrak wants at least two pages of Trans pages unless you want to spend 500k gold on every single time you play arena and then play some PvE content. Personally, I just opened a second and am thinking of opening third.

Two of His Major Transcendence Builds:

PvP CC-er/Burst Dealer

1: Attack, Defense(Atk until you get to T5)

2: Target Weakness if you have Soul Spring Water or Golden Cat Artifact. If not, go for Load Cannon that gives you more mana. You want his rapid blind/stun and formation break as soon as possible.

3: S2 Light(1 Mana Orb for [Smoke Bomb]) and S3 Light([Glue Bomb] now costs 4 Mana Orbs but throws an extra bomb)

5: Dark(Upon a crit hit, gains a stack of Darkness of Lakrak and gain 5% Crit Dmg and 3% CC ACC. This effect stacks to maximum of 10 times. Thus, at 10 stacks you gain free 50% Crit Dmg and 30% CC ACC. This stacks per EVERY CRIT HIT. If his aoe skill hits three enemies and all are crit hits, it is three stacks for him.)

PvE Burst Dmg, CC, and Physical Amp

1. AttackDefense(Atk until you get to T5)

2. Target Weakness

3. S4 Dark(Hit enemies take 25% increased P. DMG) and S3 Light([Glue Bomb] now costs 4 Mana Orbs but throws an extra bomb)

5: Dark(Upon a crit hit, gains a stack of Darkness of Lakrak and gain 5% Crit Dmg and 3% CC ACC. This effect stacks to maximum of 10 times. Thus, at 10 stacks you gain free 50% Crit Dmg and 30% CC ACC. This stacks per EVERY CRIT HIT. If his aoe skill hits three enemies and all are crit hits, it is three stacks for him.)

Lakrak’s Performance in Different Aspects of the Game

Adventure, ToC, ToO, Royal Vault, Stockade

These are areas of best performance for Lakrak. He excels in medium-sized amount of enemies(4-8) and most enemies are grouped here already or there are few that Lakrak himself can simply push them around to clump them up to nuke his s3 to death. Also, in these areas Lakrak can really save your team past death timer-if you prepared your skill cooldowns and mana, you will survive at least 30 seconds past death timer by just the ridiculous amount of cc he offers.

Dragon Raids, PvP, WB 2(Protianus)

He works decent in these areas, excellent if you have the right team comp, but there are specialists who may surpass him in the performance. In Normal Fire Dragon Lakrak would work great as he can one shot welps(baby dragons), but in places like BD where welps scatter, you should bring Pris/Maria to maximize his AoE Dps. 

In PvP, he is overall a great hero, but beware that heroes such as Frey(not if you are T3 and have at least 2* Spring Water), Roi(Rarely used, but he got buffed so we will see how famous he will be in PvP), and Scarlet(yes, she kinda counters everyone, but you get the point. Her dispel, cleanse, and cc in s2 is ridiculous) can directly counter Lakrak. Gau, however, does not counter Lakrak too much, as Lakrak is more of short-time, rapid cc thrower. By the time Gau cleanses your blind, you probably already have enough mana to launch another cc skill(not to mention his passive) anyway. Due to the prevalence of Baudouin and the fact that Lakrak cannot dispel, it can be good to bring a Dispeller such as Ricardo, Leo, or Scarlet with you in PvP.

WB 2, he just works like a decent AoE Dps. Definitely Usable, but I would not say the most optimal unit because of his low M. Def(Class Affinity). My achievement so far is his 9-13 mil dps, and a nice halt for the boss’ cc bar regeneration. Due to his relatively low-duration, rapid casting cc skills, Lakrak’s main job is not to directly affect the CC Bar, but to stop it from regenerating after heroes such as Gau or Ricardo takes off large chunk of it. He is also used to kill the Ghosts that the boss summons who raises the Boss’ DEF by a significant amount so that your main dealers such as Mitra and Roi can focus on hitting Protianus only.

Hard Mode Dragons other than Poison(Even for Poison he isn’t the best), WB1(Mountain Fortress), Guild Raid.

These are areas that Lakrak will perform subpar at best, and bad in many cases. In RDH(blocks all physical attacks) and BDH(ranged attacks deal very low dps), he is bad. Don’t use him there. In ID and PD, he isn’t absolutely unusable, but not the most optimal hero either.

Due to recent P.DEF buff on Mountain Fortress, his performance that was decent in WB 1 dropped to poor. My Lakrak, T5 and 2* UW, deals 1-2 mil dps to this thing. Not only this one never summons anything to utilize Lakrak’s AoE skills, this thing now has ridiculous P.DEF and physical heroes just kinda suck in this boss.

Guild Raid

Now, this is where things get a little weird. GR has many types of bosses. In Easy and Hard mode, you can use him in Nubis and Manticore to kill the scorpions. Yes, the scorpions are strong to P.DMG, but from my experience, built with enough Def. Pen, Lakrak can one shot the scorpions with his s3 anyway. You can use him to cancel skills of other bosses too, if you do not have a ST specialized cc like Theo. It is NOT recommended to use him against Maviel. This boss, due to his dodge stacks and high dodge stat to start, is the worst nightmare in GR to Lakrak. Not only Lakrak’s 1 projectile per auto takes forever to take off stacks by himself, its high dodge stack will lower your dps significantly due to the burstness of lakrak’s Skills(if you got unlucky and missed both of his bombs, your dps...will...die...). In GR Hard Mode, I would recommend not using him unless you have absolutely no alternative, which I find to be highly unlikely. The mob-summoning things have now ridiculous p.def and Lakrak is not a ST dealer anyway. Find some other dealers for GRH.

Lakrak’s Friends

Now we go into the part into how to synergize him. I will start from a beginning team that can deal with most general content and move on to team comps where you are only focused on him to use your portion of heroes in a party for AoE Dps.

Single Target Dealers who can compensate for Lakrak’s mediocre ST dps

Aisha, Rodina, Selene, Luna:

These are strong ST dealers who can fill out the lack of ST dps Lakrak has. Aisha and Luna are nice dealers who can deal with Ghost type enemies or Chapter 6 mobs with high P.DEF. If you want to go with full physical team, go with either Selene or Rodina who have strong ST capabilities.

Heroes that helps Lakrak’s survival

Frey, Laias, and Rephy+Clause

These healers are here for one thing: Protection, especially against Magic. Due to class affinity, Lakrak is significantly weaker to MDMG than he is to PDMG. All of the three healers offer M.DEF, which helps out immensely any other hero who need M.DEF. Knights also have no base M.Block whereas they have 20% P.Block, so magic defense boost is always good. Frey is also good to have if you have Aisha or Rodina on your team to make sure they don’t get cc’d during their cast. Clause can also offer protection against P.DMG with his massive P.DEF amp and P.Crit Resist. Also comes with a nifty slow and Physical Defense shred on enemies.

Teams Centered Around Lakrak: These are heroes who are there for Lakrak. Keep in Mind that most of them either have overlapped role with Lakrak or is an endgame hero to begin with.

Roi: Due to his strong ST damage, he actually works out with Lakrak greatly in most content. The only drawback, however, is that he needs 100% crit and his uw to deal Damage and therefore is an endgame hero.

Priscilla: One of the best ampers in the game. Just like she is with almost everyone, Priscilla works absolutely amazing with Lakrak if you are the AoE dealer position in contents like CR or Dragon Raids. She can cluster enemies and amp dmg at the same time, unlocking the maximum potential of Lakrak’s Dmg.

Mediana: The only physical healer and also the most aggressive healer in the game at the moment. She can amp physical damage and has massive atk boost. If Lakrak has the highest atk stat in your team, pick her S3 Dark perk(+40% Crit chance) so that Lakrak can have 100% crit and Have large dps boost. Her S4 Dark(20% P.Dmg Amp) also helps out Lakrak. The reason she is an endgame hero is because she needs earrings(thus more offense and less HP) and the fact that she is an offense supporter more than anything. In early game it is more important to not die in stages rather than dealing damage before timer runs out. Timer thing and thus the need for more dps does not come until you unlock Hell Mode and Chapter 7.

Maria: The Queen of CC. She and Lakrak was a DPS line of a former Asia Server No. 1. Her S3 is main reason why she is there. With largest black hole drawing skill, she can cluster most of welps in BD, even if they are scattered, and let Lakrak nuke them to dust with his S3. Also works as AoE cc-er for contents like Arena where you can rotate her cc and lakrak’s cc to put enemy heroes in eternal cc lockdown and make your opponent go nuts.