King's Raid Comprehensive Valuation Spreadsheet

By Cecaniah Corabelle »
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Hello, this is Corabelle~

First of all, welcome to the King's Raid Comprehensive Valuation Spreadsheet! We're gonna call it KRCVS for short from now on. Some of you may have seen this before on Reddit but this is a rather significant update over the old one.

There is now a complete Shop tab that references the Dashboard tab which you can freely edit to customise the value of everything so that it reflects exactly the way you want it to in the Shop! This is likely the most useful feature I've added in this update.

Fragment Efficiency tab has been simplified to just the most efficient methods (who wants to look at the inefficient stuff in an efficiency spreadsheet?!).

And if you are up to it, I have also organised things in every tab where the calculations are made, colour coded most of them to match accordingly to the Dashboard's colour scheme, just so it's easier for everyone to make targeted adjustments in areas you don't quite agree with.

With that out of the way, enjoy! I will update the guide with the general reasoning and things considered along the way if there's interest behind the logic.