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A starting point guide for new players, or players who just jumped from another game/discovered KR. Raid ahoy!

Hello, new raider!

Welcome to King’s Raid, where there is no hero gacha and devs are so generous until you actually feel guilty, progression is rewarding, and you want to give back to the community. I have been playing this game since it was released, and despite life kidnapping me and forcing me to go on hiatus twice, I still came back to this game. And play it. Games like FFBE, 7K, TAC all got deleted in less than a week.

Some brief things to know about KR:

  • RNG & Gacha rates only apply to two things:

    • Item summoning rates/restoring artifacts, and

    • Gear substats.

Rerolling is unnecessary unless you wish to get a specific character’s UW (Unique Weapon). However, even then, you can get it through multiple ways. I.e: Arena shop with Arena points, Mileage UW ticket, Random UW ticket (World Boss participation reward box - RNG), Crafting (1000 UW shards - gained from grinding 4 UWs, Challenge Raid, WB participation box).

  • The meta is always shifting as Vespa is constantly on the ball with hero balance patches. Almost all the heroes are viable, starting units included. Use meta heroes at your own risk.

  • Multiple hero investment: KR requires investment in multiple heroes as all heroes have their pros and cons, as well as areas that they excel in. Some are more inclined towards PVE, others towards PVP, and so on.  

New heroes can be obtained through Hero Inn every 3-ish weeks or so. Start relationship and max it. Also, Amity Points = Kinship Points. So fill up your friend’s list~ If you don’t like the hero in your inn, you can just leave it (don’t start a relationship) and another one will come the next day (reset). Please note, it can be the same hero. Cause RNG >_>

  • Game is generally split into 4 areas. PvE, PVP, Raids, World Boss.


    • Resource dungeons: Upper dungeon and stockade

    • Tower of Challenge for items and restoring artifacts

    • Tower of Ordeals for essences/shards for infinity stones (accessible through Hall of Heroes)

    • Conquest for EXP farming. They are basically mini-boss stages. 5 keys per day.


    • League of Victory: where AI matches you against a player

    • League of Honour: Pick-Ban arena.

    • Friendly duels: Click on a player’s name to open a window. This option will show up. It lets you play against that chosen player’s team.

While Arena has auto mode, it is recommended that you play it manually, especially at higher tiers such as Diamond, Masters and Challenger.


    • Challenge raids: Raid with restrictions.

    • Dragon raids: Where you farm your end-game gear. (RD/FD, ID, PD, BD - please refer to Glossary).

    • Guild raids: As it's called.

World Boss:

  • a server-wide boss which players have to defeat before Monday reset. Requires 8 heroes. Unlocked when you have one level 60 unit. Deal damage to receive participation reward. Please note that whatever reward you get from participating is RNG.

All good? Right, let’s move on!

Table of Contents



​​​The process of increasing the stars on your gear.


The process of adding a certain dragon’s gear stats to your gear.


The process of boosting your gear (max: +20)



Resource for upgrading your heroes.

Made from Fragments. Used for Transcending.

Infinity stones

Resource for Transcending


Standard currency


In-game currency (premium)


Red Dragon/Fire Dragon


Ice Dragon


Poison Dragon


Black Dragon


Skill 1


Skill 2


Skill 3


Skill 4


Tower of Challenge - where you earn various rewards from first clear and farm artifact fragments afterwards.


Tower of Ordeals - where you obtain infinity shards (material for infinity stone) and essences




Place where you get your skill books to upgrade hero skills.


Upper Dungeon - place where you get your fragments.


Unique Weapon

New Player Tips

This thread pretty much covers it, but I’ll cover most of it here too. The most important ones anyhow.

  • Stick with one solid team and build them. Grind them to level 80, farm their gear, TC them, the works. It will help you clear content more efficiently and progress faster. Chapter 7’s Upper Dungeon will net you a load of fragments for investing. You can invest in other heroes later. Finish all the Easy/Normal/Hard modes. Unlock Hell Mode by clearing Ch.6 Hard. Hell mode exp gain is bae.

  • On Unique Weapons: the one unit that should always get it immediately is your Main DPS unit. Usual order is Main DPS -> subDPS - > Tank/Priest

  • General team composition: Tank, Main DPS, subDPS, healer

  • Levels make a difference. It is generally suggested that your units are about 5 levels higher, especially in raids as there is a hidden damage reduction penalty.

  • Buy the 7.7m gold fragment package in the shop. It resets every 1st and 16th of the month. It gives you 100 of each Fragment.

  • Gear Awakening & Enhancing: Red/purple tiered gear can get you till Ch.6/7. Chapter 6/7 is when you start farming for raid gear (gold-tiered/legendary gear). I go with: Light investment at T6 raid gear, max investment on T7.

  • Guilds provide additional bonuses, so find one that you like and join as soon as possible. Example of bonuses: EXP and gold buffs.

  • Make use of the double key events on the weekends which switches between upper dungeon and royal vault. Loot boosters apply to: Conquests, normal fights, Upper Dungeon, ToC - collecting artifact fragments only.

  • Most valuable package: Daily Rubies.

  • What to use rubies on: Costumes for accumulating mileage to get a UW selector ticket from the shop (4000 mileage), resetting UD/stockade/forge stat. Costumes provide you gold/exp buffs. All of them stack.

  • For the first few weeks, focus on clearing the adventure/story mode. Then the Easy/Normal/Hard for the rewards. Chapter 1 gives you Clause, which is one of the best PvE tanks in the game. For free.

Oh, and just a couple more things...

  • Costumes: As previously mentioned, they provide you exp/gold boosts (depending on what costume). The effects stack. Usually, when Vespa releases a batch of costumes, there is a 30% discount. And sometimes, they bring the discount back. So keep an eye on your rubies and out for patch notes~

  • On the starting units: Frey is one of the most, if not most versatile priests in the game. She is generally called the blind/barrier queen. Also known as one of the best waifus. Clause is one of the best PvE tanks, Cleo aka one of the best girls is a decent AoE damage dealer, meme-Kasel if built right is scary af and should have a RUN AWAY sign slapped on him seeing as he can solo BD70 and Roi (end-game unit) needs to have a chill pill cause he can kinda delete dragon HP fast. *cough*

Gear Things

Cause Bespa doesn’t do things by halves. Gear plays a very important role in this game. They are the bread and butter of why your team can or can’t win the stage besides levels/builds. Lua, please donate me more raid gear in summons...


T1: level 1 - 20   | T4: level 41 - 50 | T7: level 71-80

T2: level 21 - 30 | T5: level 51 - 60

T3: level 31 - 40 | T6: level 61 - 70


From Lowest to Highest











Stats and Transcending

I’m not going super in-depth about this. Just an overview put in simpler terms :) So besides our standard stats of Atk, M.Def, P.Def, HP and the like, we also have stats such as P/M.block, and dodge.

Source: Please check this for the full details. For a more in-depth look, refer to this fabulous guide by redditor ZephXion.

  1. Def stats

  1. Attack stats

What is Transcending?

It’s basically unlocking your hero’s potential. T1 expands the hero level gap to the max level that is 80. The maximum amount of TC a hero can go through is till T5. With the revamped TC Perks system, there is not really a “minimally” TC level as the possible combinations of perks have increased by a mile.

How do I Transcend a Unit?

Transcending comes after your unit reaches 5*. It requires you to craft Essences. Essences are made from Fragments. [Inventory -> Crafting Tab -> Choose Crafted item -> Growth -> the material you want.] TCing a unit requires Essences and Infinity Stones.

Infinity stones can be made in the Crafting Tab or summoned in Special Item Summons. They are made of Infinity Shards (Crafting).

  • How to get Infinity Shards: Tower of Ordeals (accessible through Hall of Heroes), or Crafting them with 10 of each Fragment type.

What are Perks?

Perks are what I call “additional advantages” or “edge” given to your heroes. For instance, at T1, you can choose between HP increase, Atk, Def (formerly P.Def), or Crit Resist (formerly MDef).

Skills & Effects

​​​In KR, we have a wide variety of skills. Some of the most important ones include: 1) dispel, 2) cleanse, and 3) crowd control/disrupt.

  • Dispel: Removing positive effects from enemies.

  • Cleanse: ​​​​​​​Removing of negative effects from your allies/units.

  • Crowd control: Shackle, Blind, Freeze - basically skills that make your enemies unable to move.

  • Disrupt: ​​​​​​Knockback is one them. Basically skills that interrupt your enemy casting.

​​​​​​​Additional note: Crowd control and disrupt are often interchangeable. Similar, yet different.

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