Luna's hidden potential - Everything you need to know

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This is the foundation of a 10 months Luna user.
I have been using Luna since the very beginning, she still is my main character ever since, and I'm gonna pour out all the knowledge and experiences of these months into an All-in-oneĀ guide.

Is she a viable pick, if yes, what makes her that ?

Luna is simply a jack of all trades hero, which means she isn't no.1 magic DPS to anything, however, she is among the top in most of KR content.


  • Easy to progress the game with her.
  • Very auto friendly in almost every content.
  • Highly viable in PvP.
  • Easily built ( 1 for all perks ).
  • Can do very high AoE DPS as well as high single target DPS.
  • Short cast time skills.
  • Is a carefree loli.


  • Badly denounced hero because of her PvP nerf, which didn't affect her performance in PvE at all.
  • She require bit more investment in her UW to be as strong in PvP as before.
  • Can be underwhelming in some fights where the targets get very close to her ( the further the targets the more damage she does ).
  • Different UW rune setup to maximimze her potential in PvP and PvE.



Values will be in [XXX] because that value will be determined by the amount of attack Luna have.

 Pew!  - 8s cooldown

Deals [XXX] M.DMG by shooting a bouncing projectile which bounces 3 times starting from the nearest enemy. The further the enemy, the more DMG inflicted.


  • DMG is increased by 10%.
  • DMG is increased by 15%.
  • DMG is increased by 25%.

The cheesing ability, this is her dominating ability in PvP and adventure small enemies clearing, however this could be very underwhelming ability when it comes to single target DPS.

 Look Out Above!  - 12s cooldown

Deals [XXX] M.DMG to enemies furthest away in a small range, and stuns them for 1 sec. The further the enemy, the more DMG they will take.


  • DMG is increased by 10%.
  • DMG is increased by 15%.
  • DMG is increased by 25%.

Her main damage in PvE comes from this, this is by far the highest damaging skill Luna's have, however this will become the highest bursting magical ability in the game when you take the perk for it, simply the perk will make this ability fires up triple times but the mana cost will be doubled, it will not hurt Luna much because she have very low MP cost skills, also S1 skill won't be enough to take down tankier teams in PvP, however this will definitly do the job.

 Twinkle Twinkle  - 15s cooldown

Deals [XXX] M.DMG to target enemies in range, and reduces target's Crit Chance by 100% for 7 sec.


  • DMG is increased by 10%.
  • DMG is increased by 15%.
  • DMG is increased by 25%.

This ability is only useful in PvP, however this became a bit underwhelming in PvP too because of the dispelling meta now, but in some situations this can be a life saver, since it still does decent damage and 1 mana cost ( I personally killed lot of opponents with this skill when they survived the S1 burst ).

 Gotcha! (Passive) - 6s cooldown

Every 6 sec, deals a total of [XXX] M.DMG to the furthest enemy for 5 sec. The further the enemy, the more DMG they will take.


  • DMG is increased by 10%.
  • DMG is increased by 15%.
  • DMG is increased by 25%.

This passive is the main reason why Luna DPS doesn't drop that much after using her 2nd skill, it offers very consistent DPS while fighting bosses and it annoys the furthest backlane in PvP which will make them eventually die from a constant high damage.

Transcendence Perks

As I was saying above, one of her advantages is that she can have 1 perfect perk tab for EVERY single content you are doing in this game and this is what her perks should be when she reachs T5:

so, you gonna use this perk page for the following:

  • PvP
  • Adventure ( that includes gold vault of course )
  • ToC/ToO
  • Dragon farming and hard dragons
  • World boss

crazy eh?

Well, some might find this vague on how would this be good for AoE/Single/PvP, reason is simple, her job in PvP is to burst down anything as soon as possible, Luna doesn't need any tricks or tactics, she is very straight forward, FIRE UP THE CANNON ASAP.
2nd reason is, most of her transendence perks are very underwhelming for almost everything, so players will simply pick the useful ones, and the T3 perk for the triple carrot is ridiculously good.

If you are on your way transending her, will the perk choices differ ?

As you can see from the picture above, everything is concentrated on the upper half of her perk page, so from T1 to T5 this is how you should pick accordingly in order:

T2 > Opportune Strike

T3 > Look out above! [light]
T4 > Precision shot

T5 > Luna [light] + DEF Up

Breaking the Transcendence Perks down:

You might wonder if these choices are just the way to go for her, or why there isn't much explaination on why would someone pick this perk and that perk, well its simple for the following reasons:

  • Luna only focus on DPS, and DPS ONLY, you would never pick anything that gives her extra CC or some sort of utility, no she is selfish DPS that care only for maximizing her own.
  • more than half of her T3-T4 perks are utility/CC perks, so if you ignore them ( which you should always do ) you will be left out with very very few options.
  • The perks that increases Luna DPS is very overwhelming so everyone will simply auto pick them the moment they see them ( i.e S2 light ).
  • She is an archer, and archers have pretty good T2 perks that gives nice extra DPS, since T3-T4 doesn't offer that much except for 1 perk out of 8, you will be left out to choose the T2 DPS perks.
  • Her T5 Dark is simply very underwhelming and not reliable.

Will her perk change if I have lower UW or higher UW ?

In PvE perks are straight forward, she will do the exact same job as 0* UW to 5* UW.

In PvP however, it is indeed her 1 shotting potential will drop the lower UW she has, but that doesn't mean I should go for an alternate perk build ( i.e taking some CC perks ... etc ), the reason why is her CC perks are very underwhelming and you better off using a real CCer that could do much heavier CC and damage ( Maria, Lakrak ... etc ).

Does that make her underwhelming in PvP ?

No, that makes her balanced, if you reach top tier ranking in arena with 0* to 1* UW as a DPS nuke, that character will broken and requires a nerf, and that exactly what happened to Luna months ago.

so you should be fine going to master easily with 1* UW as Luna, any higher rank will be very challenging with low UW.

Unique Weapon, Hyancinth

Luna UW is very straight forward, and from the looks of it players might find it underwhelming, which they are somewhat misunderstood, most of the UWs of other DPS characters have a chance to proc an attack, however, this one doesn't, and the extra damage is dealt to random enemies so in PvP this will hurt the back lanes since main DPSers with high ATK could basically 2-3 shot squishy targets with his/her auto-attacks.

Unique Weapon Runes:

unfortunetly there are 2 runes setups for Luna, which is the most annoying thing if you are using Luna in PvP and PvE.

The 1st Rune setup is for All PvE content as you can see here ( beware this setup is not recommended in "sub team" because it have some issues with the sub team AI) :

x3 Attack Runes

x3 Attack runes

The 2nd Rune setup is the way to go for PvP, and it could be decent for anything that isn't a 5min fight:

2x Attack runes + 1x MP/attk Rune


What's the reason behind these rune choices ?

In a PvE long fights, you will eventually have a steady rotation since using inferior skills to DPS like S3 will actually ruin your DPS for single target, so you just simply focus on S2 mostly and S1 as filling.

1 MP rune for PvP will make Luna get 1 MP crystal for each attack she does ( that if she is wearing full BD set ), so anymore won't help her cause at all.

Gear and stats

There isn't multiple build or stats for Luna, as her perks goes one for all, so does her stats.

Let's be as simple as we can get, here is the stats priority:

Atk   >   Crit   >   Critdmg   >   Atkspeed = Penetration


You might be wondering why I equalized Atkspeed with Penetration, well Luna is a slow auto-attacker thats a fact, the reason behind that is because she doesn't rely too much on attackspeed, that might be contradiction with her unique weapon but its not, penetration stats is pretty good for Luna to maximize her DPS, her spell costs is not that high to have too much attackspeed to gain the mana for it.

Besides, I'm running 50% 50% on atkspeed and penetration for PvP also, you need her OHKO S1 ability to be as deadly as possible and atkspeed WILL NOT help with that, however, penetration will, and it will also help alot in high PvE content ( not too much on world boss though ).

so the perfect build ( 1 for all ) for Luna is the following:

  • All lines must have attack
  • All lines must have crit
  • All lines must have critdmg
  • 2 lines atkspeed
  • 2 lines penetration


Full BD gear is the optimal gear for Luna since she is an archer and doesn't care about anything else besides some mana gain, and of course she should be wearing earrings as well as any other DPS/subDPS

Why there isn't any lifesteal mentioned in the stats build ?

I personally don't use lifesteal on most range DPS, let's take Luna for instance:

If I was trying to fit a lifesteal line, it means I should be sacrificing an atkspeed or penetration, and that would make her slow or doing less damage output on her high damaging skills.

end-game you will be having lot of healers that heals the entire party without much of a downtime, and in end-game PvE you will only care about maximizing your DPS, and lifesteal will just be a useless stat in that case.

Lastly, range DPS doesn't take a constant high damage from enemies, its either a 1 single burst that you would survive it or die, if you did survive, healer will heal you up in no time, if you didn't well, lifesteal wouldn't help you either.

There are indeed some cases where lifesteal could save you, but I wouldn't stretch that far by ruining the DPS stats.

The only ok situation to have lifesteal is via red enchant scroll, in that case you didn't lose any lines in her gear, but as personal preference, I also avoid enchanting lifesteal, I would just go for %Atk or Critdmg enchants.

Will the penetration will be as good as it is if I had magic shredding ( abilities that reduces magic defense of enemies ) ?

Penetration value will drop the more you have shredding abilities in your team, however it would still give you extra damage, making enemies have 0 defense is impossible, unless you are fighting a world boss and knocked him down, this is why penetration is kind of underwhelming for world bosses.

If you focused only on attackspeed in world bosses, she will have a little more DPS increase, but it will ruin her potential on all the other content ( even if you have magic shredding abilities ).

Having 1 or 2 more atkspeed lines won't do THAT big of an impact on world boss, the DPS increase is kind of negligable, so stay on the safe side and get a couple penetration stats ( not more, 2 lines max is enough)

Luna in World Boss ( Fortress ) aka WB1

Here is where a lot of KR veterans got confused of Luna performance in world boss, on how can she perform THAT high in WB1 ( Fortress ) since I kept posting the DPS she can reach with only 3*  UW.

This DPS with an UW of 4* without the personal boosters ( Mediana, Priscilla ), its just the normal magic team setup with bunch of other magic ampers,CCers and supports.

I did use this setup to maximize her DPS and the others, I might have Mediana tested in the future, but this is my current team:
Luna, Lewisia, Morrah, Annette, Kaulah, Sonia, Frey and Viska.

I didn't use Clause because I can survive without Clause but I would recommend intermediate players to use Clause in any of their WB team.

so as you can see there is no Aisha in here, well putting Aisha with Luna make the team bit lacking in utility since both of them offer nothing in term of support or CC ( Aisha has magic shred but its mostly useless in WB1 since most of the time he is knocked down and most of your DPS comes from there ).

How to use Luna in world boss ?

Here is the tricky part, Luna IS NOT autoable in WB1, so you HAVE to put her in main team and try to manual her skills while make the others on auto.

The reason behind it is the following:

  • her S2 which is the most damaging skill have a semi-long cooldown of 12 seconds.
  • If you have less CC than you should be having, you will do the S2 while the boss is standing and again when he is knocked down.
  • With decent amount of CC, you will be knocking down the boss every 15-20 seconds so there is only one window to strike that ability.
  • If you put her on auto, you would never know where will she do her S2, she might do it all while the boss is standing which will result in a huge drop in DPS.

Other PvE content

Guild Raid Hard ( GRH ):

She is very usable in GRH, however, in some of the GRH bosses ( i.e Maviel ) she would be a little bit underwhelming since the bosses usually get close to the backlane, and as said before, bosses who get close to Luna are her main downfall.

Managed to do this amount of DPS in the Scorpion GRH:

For 3* UW it isn't that high, nor it is that low, so it's basically average to above average ( scorpion tend to get close to the back lane otherwise she could get higher )


Luna is a superb hero to use in BD farming as well as Hard Dragons.

But really? hard dragons? which ones, and how?

After the latest patch, they introduced the Solo Hard Dragons patch, so I tried to give Luna a test drive on some.

Since Hard Ice and Darkness dragons ( IDH , BDH ) is out of the question for Luna since these have specific requirement IDH ( physical only ) , BDH ( Melee only ), so I didn't even try her on these obviously, however, I managed to do the other two as Luna main DPS ( RDH, PDH ).

Reason is why she shine on these 2 dragons is because she does high single target damage and high AoE damage, that would be perfect for Poison dragon, as well as Red dragon, although Red dragon requires more single target than Poison.



As you can see her DPS in Poison is much more higher since poison combines the aspect of doing AoE damage and single target, which is the prime strength of Luna.



Before I start saying some strategic guide for Luna in arena, I understand when people say " what qualifies you to give information or opinions in something so competitive, or what makes you so sure that you are giving correct information ? ", so basically I'd be skeptical if someone without any backbone proof of their success towards some difficult subjects like high tier arenas suddenly giving out in-depth information about it, people will simply turn away from it.



KR playerbase is huge now, so I know there are some people here and there knows who I am and I'm pretty sure the great majority don't, and these great majority will look into some guides like these without turning away from it because they simply can find a proof, so they probably would turn away from the guide because they don't know the author of this guide and they simply don't see any backbone to it, so I made sure to provide at least one of these 2 so players can look at this guide without skepticism.


Luna is very versatile when it come to team compositions, she can be used in a wall team and can be used in an instant death burst team, however my personal preference is the burst teams because it is simply cheesier.

Runes for UW, stats, build, Perks were ALL mentioned in the previous sections of this guide so I'm just gonna leave this section with how you could utilize Luna in PvP.

My personal team is a burst team, and the strategy for the burst team is kill your opponent in the 1st 2 secs of the arena, Luna is very vurlnerable to CC, 1 single CC can ruin her entirely, so you have to make sure you have the team to protect her, which is a CC fast subdps, early shutdowners supports and if not available USE artifact that prevent such a thing ( Talisman, earth protection ), personally I don't use these artifact because my team is built to protect Luna from harm.

This is 2 of the matches against some of the challengers, you can see how fast paced the Arena is when it comes to burst team vs burst team, but Luna mostly wins in burst teams quarrels:

As you can see that 1 big hit OHKO is actually Luna's S1, which is the 1st skill you should be using in any burst team compositions, not recommended to start with the crit debuff because most teams will have early dispel.

Luna is weak against assassins, simply because if they jump back before her S1 fired, she won't do much damage because they are VERY close to her and would completely annihilate her and the backlane, so make sure to have some safety measure against those ( i.e Cassandra 2 sec silence ), so keep that in mind.

So in the end, I highly recommend you run Luna with a heavy CCer of your choice, if not, there are other decent options ( Tanya, Arch .. etc ), you don't have to follow the meta to the extreme, just pick the partner you'd like and you will reach far with it, because as you can see from that picture above, I'm probably the only one running that DPS team togather in my bracket.


This small section will tell you which possible Artifact that are decently used for Luna and which content it should be used :


Earth protection: This is very good and somewhat easy to get artifact to PvP, as said before she is vurlnerable to CC, this will make sure she does her nuke.

Talisman of resistance: PvP artifact, same reason as the above, but I would prefer Earth Protection

Soul Spring Water: This is by far the strongest artifact for Luna to use in PvP ONLY if you managed to make it to 2* at least

Blessing of Earth: The bread and butter Artifact for World boss, RDH and Guild Raid ( if u aren't fighting 1 of the bosses that does have a mask for them )

Angry Pumpkin Head: Very versatile artifact, it can be used in many PvE content that doesn't have a single boss to kill.

Fancy Traditional Pendant: serves exactly the same purpose as the pumpkin head, simply an extra DPS artifact which can be used in many PvE content

Earth Core: If you have it, sure it does have 10% attack in it but thats it, however, I would never recommend buying this artifact ever, its underwhelming compared to the other ones.

Drinking Horn of Ancient Cow: Though Luna isn't an auto-attack character but this artifact actually helps on DPS, I would put it as an option along with the pumpkin + Pendant

Rest of the artifacts not mentioned are either very underperforming or not applicable for Luna.

What are the best teams I can build for Luna to start with ?

There are many awesome magic teams that would synergize well with Luna:

Tanks:  Viska , Sonia and Jane ( though I would prefer the 1st 2 since they are simply more useful than Jane later on )

SubDPS/CC: Maria, Lorraine, Theo and Pavel ( Yes Pavel proved to be pretty useful in end-game PvE CC after the last patch, and he is pretty good for adventure )

Healers: Annette would be the way to go for all magic teams however, you would like to take a priest with you later on, there are lot of useful priests that benefit the whole party more than just benefit Luna alone, so you could pick accordingly depends on which content you want to focus on.

Simply put, the world boss team in the world boss section TELLS you that all these heroes actually synergize pretty well with Luna.

so pick 1 of each of these 3 categories, and you would have a perfect team for her.

It would be possible to have another main DPS with Luna but I wouldn't recommend it for 2 reasons:

  • It's very hard to invest in 2 main DPSers due to the amount of UWs u need to invest on each.
  • Another main DPS means they will mostly offer no utility or CC, which is pretty bad to have a team with no CC to progress with.


I wouldn't say Luna is the best magic DPS, jack of all trades is never best on anything, its just useable everywhere, however, the usage of Luna is heavily dropped in KR players the reason is just an overreaction to a nerf or simply going to an easy way to the meta, however I would never recommend a highly meta hero ever, with how Vespa is handling the buffs and nerfs very often it is dangerous to pick a very meta hero and invest hardly on him, this is the reason why sticking to the middlings is the best way of investment, you will never be weak nor you will not expect a nerf coming to you, and trust me, Luna is far from weak .