A doctor whose technique originates from eras with scarce numbers of Priests and Healing Magic. She fires medicine from her large needle to empower allies, or weaken the enemy.


Mediana is a P.DMG Priest that provides massive heals, boosts attack, P.Crit Resistance, and immunities. Her usefulness streches from Adventure all the way to Arena and even World Boss as her skills make her a valuable asset to any team. 

Mediana is a healer that can be used in both P.DMG and M.DMG teams (primarily in P.DMG teams) that can increase the teams DPS by a large amount. The utility that she gets from her skills makes each of them useful in their own right and in turn makes her good for any situation.

Players should get Mediana if they want a healer that gives ATK and can heal an entire team with no problems

 Merciful Threat, Phistonia: 

Special Poison DMG is increased by 40% and targets inflicted by Poison take 30% of Mediana's ATK as extra P.DMG when hit by allies other than Mediana. Additional P.DMG effect activates only once per 1 sec.

Mediana's Unique Weapon is her way of doing DPS. It isn't required for her to heal but since it increases the damage output of her S4, it increases her DPS. Other than providing 3 rune slots it isn't required for you to have Medi UW for her to do her job.

 Mysterious Potion: 

[Strengthening Potion] Dispells target's negative effects and target gains immunity to CC for 2 sec.

Mediana's Unique Treasure isn't a must-have since it only provides some cleanse. The only real use for it is for increasing her health which helps her survive. 

To auto or not to auto?: Mediana can be auto'd however to make effective use of her heals and her S1 immunity, it is recommended to somewhat manual while autoing.

Pros & Cons


  1. S1 burst heals a surprising amount
  2. S2 good damage and amazing heals
  3. S3 keeps DPS alive so Medi can heal them later
  4. Passive amps P.DMG, does DMG, gives P.Crit Resistance, and shreads enemy P.Crit Resistance
  5. T5 Dark provides a massive boost in ATK to the entire team
  6. Viable in almost any team comp*

*Just because you can use her in any team comp doesn't mean she is the best choice for every team comp


  1. S1 is on the longer side of cooldowns
  2. S2 can miss backline if the are behind Medi and/or the frontline if they are in a weird position
  3. S2 can be stopped with CC unless you get S2 Dark perk
  4. S3 doesn't have a 100% uptime
  5. Needs T5 to become really useful


 Healing Salve (Skill 1) - Heals all allies by X and makes them immune to the next single hit of DMG

  1. Heal rate is increased by 10%               Light - Boosts healed ally ATK by 10% for 10 sec
  2. Heal rate is increased by 15%               Dark - Mana cost is reduced by 1
  3. Heal rate is increased by 25%

 Special Water Cannon (Skill 2) - Fires a water cannon in a frontal direction, healing allies in range of X HP every 0.5 sec, and dealing X P.DMG to the enemy

  1. DMG and Heal rate are increased by 10%               Light - DMG and Heal rate are increased by 40%
  2. DMG and Heal rate are increased by 15%               Dark - Gain CC immunity while using said skill
  3. DMG and Heal rate are increased by 25%

Note: This skill can possibly miss your backline and/or your frontline if they're out position.

 Strengthening Potion (Skill 3) - Injects the ally with the highest ATK with a strengthening potion, increasing their ATK by 20% + X of Mediana's ATK and keeping their HP from falling below 5%

  1. ATK boost is increased by 10%               Light - ATK boost is increased by 40%
  2. ATK boost is increased by 15%               Dark - Crit Chance is boosted by 400
  3. ATK boost is increased by 25%

 Mediana's Special Poison (Passive) - Increases all allies' ATK by X and P.Crit Resistance by 200. Upon attack, injects the enemy with a special poison that deals X P.DMG over time for 5 sec and reduces P.Crit Resistance by 200

  1. ATK boost is increased by 10%               Light - P.Crit Resistance amount is changed to 300
  2. ATK boost is increased by 15%               Dark - Target takes 20% increased P.DMG
  3. All allies' P.Block is increased by 150

Transcendence Perks

Transcendence 1 -


Mediana benefits from more ATK since she is a healer and heals increase with ATK. The amount of ATK she gives due to her passive, T5, S3 also increases if she gets more ATK. 

From here you can really choose any of the other perks based on content. For Arena you can choose the Crit Resistance in order to gain survivability and hopefully not get bursted. For every other content you can choose between Health and Defense; it's really up to the player to choose which one they prefers. Health gives Mediana more of a chance to survive high burst damage while Defense can give Mediana more time to survive.

Transcendence 2 -

Mediana, as a healer, should generally go the Crit perk since it provides more crit for the whole team unless your DPS has 100% crit. If so you can switch up this perk for other perks. For Arena you can get Vengeful Curse to weaken any assassins that try to take out the backline. Blessing of Mana can be used if you REALLY need mana but it is not recommended. Inner Peace should never be used since she would benefit much more if she used another perk.

Transecndence 3

S1[Light] - Useful if you want more ATK (Get only if you have an extra perk) | S1[Dark] - Not all that useful since the mana cost is already so low

S2[Light] - Increases amount of DPS and Healing her S2 gives | S2[Dark] - Stops her from getting CC'd so she can't be stopped while casting this

S3[Light] - Boost to the amount of ATK you give to highest ATK DPS | S3[Dark] - Not really useful since DPS usually already have 100% or atleast near 100% crit

S4[Light] - Useful if you need more P.Crit Resistance | S4[Dark] - Increases P.DMG output 

Transcendence 5

T5[Light] - Get if you want more stats | T5[Dark] - This perk is a must. Gives the team a bunch of ATK and is the main reason you get Mediana

General Content -

Optimal for P.DMG

Arena -

Can switch between health and crit resist in T1

If you are using Mediana for M.DMG then you can switch S4 Dark for S1 Light

Gears & Options

Dragon Sets:

For general use, Black Dragon, is the set that you should use since the other sets don't benefit Mediana as much as Black Dragon does since Mediana's skills cost a good amount of mana.

Poison Dragon can be used in arena if you feel like you have enough mana regen without a full Black Dragon set but it isn't recommended and is completely up to the player.

Gear Options:

For general use, the normal: ATK, ATK Spd, Crit, Crit Dmg, on all gears is the best. (You could add lifesteal for some survivaibility.) ATK helps with heals, ATK Spd allows her to build up mana faster, Crit and Crit Dmg both impact her since heals can crit. 

For arena, you can add some CC Resist if you find it necessary for your team comp.

Gear Runes: 

  • UW - [2x] ATK + [1x] MP Recovery/Attack | If you feel like Mediana doesn't need additional mana regen then you can go [3x] ATK.
  • Top Piece - Crit DMG
  • Bottom Piece - Crit

Gear Enchantments:

For enchantments, you could get any of these options but I would focus mainly on ATK since it would increase the amount of ATK she gives to the highest DPS.

[ATK, Crit Dmg, Lifesteal]

ATK - Increases her healing and, as mentioned, increases ATK given

Crit DMG - Increase amount her heals crit for

Lifesteal - Grants her some survivability

Crit - Only if you need/want 100% crit