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This is a guide on how to best use Nyx in:

  • General Guide
  • Arena ( League of Victory) Guide

What does Nyx do?

Nyx is a very strong aoe damage mage he has one of the highest AOE damage outputs in the game. He is great for game progression and clears mobs in raids extremely fast ( Can completely clear the 2nd stage of Black Dragon raids with 1 S3 if gear properly)

DISCLAIMERS: if you are running a Physical Damage team for progression you WILL struggle to complete chapter 6 easy through hard mode. This is due to chapter 6 having very high physical defense and certain mobs having periods of immunity from physical damage. Another drawback for running Nyx as your main dps in the early game is he needs to be T5 for his max potential. 

That being said Nyx is still worth the challenge because the hard work pays off in the end!

Nyx's Skills

Unique Weapon Passive:

Auto attacks penetrate through enemies in a straight line and DMg is increased by 40%, 48%, 57%, 69%, 83%, and 100% depending on the UW star level (0-5).

 Skill 1 Dimension Blade:

Deals P. Dmg to target enemies and gains 1 stack of blade per each hit enemy. The number of targets increases per Blade Stack.

Skill Attribute:

10% DMG increase

15% DMG increase

Crit Chance is increased by 25%

 Skill 2 Dimension Cleaver:

Dispels all positive effects of target enemy and deals P.DMG. Hit enemies take P.Dmg for 10 sec, and are knocked down for 3 seconds. The number of targets increases per blade stack.

Skill Attribute:

10% DMG increase

15% DMG increase

Crit Chance is increased by 25%

 Skill 3 Infinity Blades:

Deals P.DMG to enemies in range and sends a final attack doing P.DMG to one enemy knocking them down for 3 sec. The amount of targets in the final attack is increased by blade stacks. 

Skill Attribute:

10% DMG increase

15% DMG increase

Crit Chance is increased by 25% 

 Skill 4 Hidden Blade:

Each auto attack fires an additional blade that deals P.DMG. The number of targets increases depending on the number of blade stacks.

Skill Attribute:

10% DMG increase

15% DMG increase

Crit Chance is increased by 25%

Skill order:

It's best to increase the attributes of S4 first because Nyx's dps heavily relies on it after S4 is maxed skill booked the order of which you increase the other skills doesn't matter.

Skill Combo:


This is the most optimal skill because for every blade stack you target 1 more enemy and Nyx's dps comes from auto attacks. Also if you have Nyx at T5 for every stack of Dimensional Blade your attack is increased by 10%. (only spam s1 until you have max blade stacks then only use it when other skills are on cd)

Transcendent Perks

Transcendent Path for Nyx

T1 Perks:

30% attack is needed for any dps heros, you can choose either hp or defense trans but from my experience the defense perk gives more survivablitity. If you aren't T5 only get the Attack Perk (Far Left)

T2 Perks:

For those at T5 it's best to skip the T2 perks. If you are below T5 you should get Circuit burst for the extra damage (Far right per).

T3 Perks:

S1 dark allows you to hold 6 blade stacks which increases your dps imensely especially at T5. 

S4 light increases your attack by 15% per enemy on the field adding to Nyx aoe dps output! 

T5 Perks:

With the transendent perk rework we are now allowed to take both light and dark T5 perks! 

T5 light replaces circut burst and in testing gave 600k more dps in a 25 second fight!


Once you hit Level 51 you will be using Black Dragon gear. 

Nyx is UW Reliant for damage!

The best gear options are as follows:

Dimensional Key, Magnus Fille (Unique Weapon):

        Runes: Attack %, Attack %, Attack %

Robe: Attack, Attack Speed, Crit, and Crit Dmg

        Rune: Crit Dmg

Hat: Attack, Attack Speed, Crit, and Crit Dmg

        Rune: Crit Chance

Earring: Attack, Attack Speed, Crit, and Crit Dmg

Orb: Attack, Attack Speed, Crit and Crit Dmg

Gear Enchantment:

1 line Penetration, 1 line crit damage and 2 lines of attack speed.

Gear Goals:

Highest attack possible

Crit: 74% or higher

Crit dmg: 134% or higher

Attack speed: 144% or higher

Artifact Options: 

Golden Cat Statue: Great for Arena as it increases your attack speed at the beginning of every battle.

Trident of the Deep: Great in any PvE Content as it increases Nyx damage by 30% after hitting enemies 100 times. Nyx will get the benefit fast in any fight due to his great AOE damage.

Mask: Great for leveling if you have the mask for the mob you are killing.


Nyx is a great Arena champion because he can put out massive amounts of aoe damage instantly! If you want to do well with Nyx in the arena it comes down to gear (see the above gear section) and team composition.

Building an Arena team around Nyx:

I believe that you can make just about any team work and that's what I love about kings raid but there are some traits that complement Nyx. Nyx is very aggressive and you want heroes that can buff his offense or give fast paralyzing cc so Nyx can instakill the enemy team. 

Cleanse: Scarlet and Gau both work well here I tend to lean toward Gau because he has more survivability but either is a great pick. Scarlet or Gau can be your PvP Tank as well. 

CC: Cassandra, Maria (even though she is for mdps she can still provide fast cc) 

Buff: Mediana/ Pris both heroes have huge buffing capabilities and can do decent damage in a fight.

I don't want to give a specific team because I feel that destroys some creativity but this is a good guideline of what to look for in an arena team.

Damage output expectations

Black Dragon 70 raid:

5-7m dps ( depends on dragon groupings)

1-8 Hell Mode:

1.6-2m dps

4-5.4m dps keep in mind this is only a 27 second fight.

7-4 Hell Mode:

All of this depends on you UW * level and how well geared you are. The above dps is with a 2* UW and average BD gear. If you have above average gear you can expect to be doing closer to 10-15m dps in bd raids!