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Mitra is a phenomenal hero capable of decimating enemy lines. With high scaling and awesome power at high star and transcendence ratings, he is an unparalleled physical damage force.

Why Mitra?

Mitra is a physical dealer hero, mechanic class. Mechanics have the highest base crit damage in the game, and Mitra is well suited to using it.

Mechanics have the highest base Crit DMG in the game.

He is usable in almost every facet of the game, including world boss, adventure, towers and guild raid. He works best in situations that require a lot of time on a target. He is less optimal in short term situations but can still be used to some effect as a burst hero. Wielding a small AOE and a large damage burst, he is not quite the swiss army knife of King's Raid but is certainly a good hero.

New players should consider Mitra as a physical dealer. He requires his UW to be most effective, however, due to its damage dealing penetration properties.

Mitra featuring a 0* UW with 15% ATK runes
Mitra featuring a 0* UW with 15% attack runes.


All text and values are taken from in-game Mitra, level 80.

 Bang! Bang!!  - 6 sec cooldown

Attacks an enemy 2 times, dealing 129166 P.DMG each. Upon Crit Hit, an explosion occurs, dealing 63250 extra P.DMG to enemies in range.


  • DMG is increased by 10%.
  • DMG is increased by 15%.
  • DMG is increased by 25%.

Bang! Bang!! is Mitra's bread and butter damage. With a six second cooldown, this is easily spammable and does a fair amount of damage to both the target and enemies nearby. This is what helps Mitra work well in stage-based boss engagements such as Vault, ToC, and other content. The benefit of how often it is cast and how fast it can bring stacks up is a boon to Mitra.

 Time to Die!!  - 15 sec cooldown 

For 20 sec, ATK is increased by 20928, and ACC is increased by 300. Each auto attack has a 15% chance of activating 'Bang Bang!!'.


  • ATK boost is increased by 10%.
  • ATK boost is increased by 15%.
  • ATK boost is increased by 25%.

Time to Die helps make Mitra the scary damage dealer that he is. Increased attack and accuracy brings more damage to the table more frequently, and also increases the number of times Mitra can do extra damage with Bang! Bang!! This ability in part is what makes Mitra a minor AOE dealer. Combined with his 'Bang! Bang!!' skill use and the passive procs of this ability brings a substantial amount of enemy clearing to the table.

 Dance with me!!  - 25 sec cooldown

Sprays gunshot at a random enemy 12 times, dealing a total of 1137096 P.DMG. Each damage inflicts 1 stack of Mark of Death that cannot be dispelled. Per every stacked Mark of Death, 'Dance with me!!' DMG is increased by 1%.


  • DMG is increased by 10%.
  • DMG is increased by 15%.
  • DMG is increased by 25%.

Dance with me!! is Mitra's burst ability. It is a multi-target ability, hitting random enemies while it is being channeled. It can be interrupted so be sure that you use it when there is no CC on the way. It should be used on cooldown whenever clear.

 You're Next!! [Passive]

Each auto attack inflicts a Mark of Death to enemies that cannot be dispelled. When auto attack and 'Bang! Bang!!' hits the target, deals 24325 extra P.DMG. Per every stack, skill DMG is increased by 2%. Can be stacked up to 100 times max.


  • DMG is increased by 10%.
  • DMG is increased by 15%.
  • DMG is increased by 25%.

Mitra's passive is what makes him work in long fights. On paper this seems like barely anything, but once he has a screaming 200 stacks on a target, Mitra is far and away the highest P.DMG dealer around. This brings him an insane damage increase at max [transcendence] stacks, equalling 400% skill damage increase. This also adds extra damage to his auto attacks and 'Bang! Bang!!' which is just icing on the damage cake.

Mitra's Unique Weapon - Roar of Madness, Velkinoth

A five star Mitra UW next to a zero star Mitra UW

Mitra's UW is what makes him. Three rune slots provide additional space for attack runes. Mitra does not need MP/ATK or any other rune in his weapon.

Mitra's weapon increases his penetration and attack speed each time he auto attacks. This is stacked up to 30 times.

At max stacks:

  • A zero star UW will offer him 240 Attack Speed and Penetration
  • A five star UW will offer him 600 Attack Speed and Penetration

Whether a zero star or five star, that is a blistering amount of extra stats for a dealer. Because those cannot be sourced from other abilities on Mitra, it complements his kit well. If you are using Mitra in a lot of content, putting stars on his weapon gives you good increases in damage. Note, if you are a newer player, I do not suggest putting stars into a UW until all of the heroes you frequently use and it have have their UW. A one star UW only brings 10% more value than a zero star does, and you could rather put two additional runes into somebody else's UW than to give Mitra a small bump.

Zero star Mitra UW DPS vs five star Mitra UW DPS at the end of 7-4 Hell. Keep in mind this is a 40 second engagement:

The higher you star Mitra's UW naturally the more damage he will do.

Transcendence Perks for Long Content

Mitra's T5 transcendence board

Transcendence perks for Mitra in term engagements:

Transcendence 1

As a dealer, Mitra wants attack and other damage-related stats. Defense increases Mitra's effective HP a little bit, bringing him more heals during heal periods. Bringing HP instead of defense may be better in certain situations where he can survive specific damage shots, but adding defense takes some of the burden off healers and makes their heals more effective. I personally do not care for crit resist on Mitra because, again, he is a dealer in all situations and does not need that stat.

Transcendence 2

Prior to the changes to transendence perks, taking Target Weakness was a good move and increased Mitra's damage. Now, however, we are able to take both T5 Light and T5 Dark, so we prefer that.

Note that in certain circumstances, if you must have high pen due to low down boss time (i.e., guild raid hard) it may be beneficial to take this over T5 Light. This is only in situations with a 0 star Unique Weapon. In all other situations, T5 Light is superior. - (credit to zebuli on my stream for pointing this change out!)

Transcendence 3/4

S1 Light: Mitra wants to deal more damage all the time. S1 Light brings him an additional 100% damage to whenever 'Bang! Bang!!' is activated. With the 15% passive activation chance from 'You're Next!!' and his continous skill activation spam, this means this perk is more effective than S3 Light.

S4 Light: In fights longer than 2 minutes, this perk is mandatory. It brings Mitra's Mark of Death stacks to a maximum of 200. That means he will have an additional 400% skill damage on all abilities, rather than just 200%.

Transcendence 5

T5 Light: 15% more ATK, DEF, HP, and 20% additional CRIT DMG.

Because crit damage is so important on Mitra, we take this over the penetration bump that the Target Weakness T2 perk could give us. Unfortunately, he only receives 15% additional attack over 20% attack from the aforementioned perk, but the crit damage is too good to pass up.

T5 Dark: Upon a Crit Hit, increase Crit DMG by 0.5% and Atk Spd by 5. Max stack number is 100.

This is godly, as it gives Mitra 50% more crit damage and 500 more attack speed. T5 is often seen as what makes Mitra a powerhouse. While correct, this only truly works in medium to long fight situations. It should not be skipped for shorter fights, however, because ramping attack speed equals more crits which raises the stack rate of this perk faster. It's cyclical and always a benefit to Mitra.

Transcendence Perks for Adventure or Short Fights

The perks above reflect Mitra's non-scaling nature in short term fights. For short fights, we want to bring as much damage to the table in a short period of time. Also, due to multiple targets being on the field rather than just a boss, we remove S1 Light in favor of S2 Light for a 100% increase in attack boost (note: this brings Mitra's attack boost on S2 up to 62784 from 31392. That is effectively a 0 star UW.)

We do not take the S4 Light perk because targets are going to die so fast they probably won't even have 10-20 stacks on them before they go down. We keep T5 Light and T5 Dark because over the course of fights in adventure or tower situations, Mitra will keep his stack count between stages. By stage 2 Mitra will have close to 100 stacks in most situations, giving him full damage for boss fights.

Gear & Stat Preferences

Gear preference:

Mitra wants to wear four pieces of black dragon gear sporting earrings. He needs some mana regen, and should be crit capped often enough that he does not benefit from Fire Dragon armor. No reason to wear Ice Dragon or Poison Dragon gear on Mitra.

Gear stats and enchantments:

In order of importance:

CRIT DMG - Crit damage deals more damage per point than attack does below ~430% total crit damage. Because Mitra is going to be hard pressed to reach that, we want to take as much crit damage as possible.

CRIT - Can't deal crit damage without crit! We need Mitra crit capped in order to realize his massive amounts of damage.

ATK - More attack equals higher crit numbers and thus higher damage.

ATK SPD - Mitra gains a lot of attack speed naturally, but we would be amiss to start him off with a bunch to get him going. Always have four lines of attack speed on mitra, no matter the enchants or UW stars.

Lifesteal - If possible, seek a lifesteal enchant. Do not replace a gear line with Lifesteal if you can avoid it, because the high given numbers given freely from option enhancement. I have personally not used Lifesteal on Mitra but I am certain if I had an enchant with it I would use it immediately. This can prevent embarassing deaths in certain situations that he would otherwise shrug off.

Penetration - Mitra does not want penetration lines period. He should have plenty from T2 Target Weakness if he has a zero star UW, or he should have more than enough if his UW has higher stars on it. Penetration in general is not a desired stat for many situations, world boss included.


Mitra should always have an attack or other damage-increasing artifact equipped. Blessing of Earth, Angry Pumpkin Head, Masks, etc.

General Strategy

Mitra is usable in almost all content in the game.

The basic usage of Mitra in non-world boss situations is as follows:

S1, S2, S1, S3. Rinse and repeat.

'Bang! Bang!!' (S1) should always be on cooldown. After casting your initial S1 at the start of the fight, activate your 'Time to Die!!' (S2) for your big attack bump. By the time that begins its cooldown, S1 should be back up. S1 again, then wait for 'Dance with me!!' (S3). The reason for this is twofold. First, it brings stacks to the first Mitra S3, and second, hopefully things on the first wave of adventure scenarios are nearly dead or already dead, giving you an S3 burst on the full HP second wave.

There isn't much to say about Mitra on auto, other than to facepalm at Mitra when he uses his S3 on the the last enemy on a wave right before a boss fight and only gets one or two shots off.

For world boss content, things change a little bit, but not by much.

The rotation is different because we are playing reactively, rather than proactively.

Start with S2 to increase attack on all following attacks. From there, contiuously S1 and S3 on cooldown. Keep S2 active at all times. It should have 100% uptime with five second overlap. Let its buff run out, lest we S2 over itself, and then have it dispelled. If you can S1 while S2 is still active, let the S1 fly first, then activate S2.

Watch the passive!

Mitra activating his 'Bang Bang!!' ability

Mitra's S2 passive brings additional 'Bang Bang!!'s to the table. Be mindful of when he is casting this because the channel can be interrupted by your own abilities. Free damage is amazing, and should not be missed. If you are paying attention you can increase your damage a little bit by not activating an ability over this one second wind-up.

Usage in Towers

In Towers such as Tower of Challenge or Tower of Ordeals, Mitra is going to be hitting tanky units first. You want to nuke them with S1 repeatedly. Wait for tanks to be down before hitting S3. Tanks do not take a lot of damage from Mitra's S3, and because the crit damage hurts softer units more, you will see larger DPS spikes in general when you use S3 on squishier targets. This cannot be observed all the time (such as in TOC 65, where the boss is the tank) but it doesn't hurt to try to keep on target. Mitra's random nature of S3 can sometimes land many hits on the tank leaving you with less time to activate 'Bang! Bang!!' procs which can splash and damage the softer units surrounding the tank.

TL;DR: Just use S1 all the time!


Mitra in arena is widely considered a joke or a meme. He doesn't have a lot of quick activations, and by the time he is ready to unload with his S3 burst ability, he is in a precarious position to use it.

That being said, Mitra can be used with some effectiveness to cheese up through low ranks. If you can provide him enough peel to get his mana to 4 orbs, you will rip a good amount of HP off of all targets, but you might not kill anything. This is why Mitra S1 is superior to S3 in serious arena situations (granted you ever get there).

I do not suggest - nor have I ever suggested - running Mitra in arena. Sure it's fun to play around, but if you're looking to go up in rank consistently, Mitra does not bring anything to the table.


Mitra is a great dealer unit who synergizes well with some and less with others. Here is a list of heroes that complement Mitra well, in no particular order.

Mediana - With huge attack buffs and big amps, Medi is a no-brainer pick for Mitra. Highest attack gets the injection, and that will generally be Mitra.

Miruru - Excellent CC complement to Mitra, and also comes with her own amps! Miruru has been at my Mitra's side since I started using him and she has proven her place. Combined with Mitra's damage, her CC position is greatly improved.

Clause - Clause is an excellent physical tank with plenty of amping for our Mitra. With general offensive and defensive buffs, he provides Mitra with surivability, peel and additional damage opportunities.

Naila - Naila is excellent at interfering with the enemy positioning. While Mitra gets no benefits to unit positoning in general, Naila works well to complement Mitra's damage with her Wind Reading ability, and also has plenty of CC and an amp on her UW to offer.

Phillop - The physical shred king, Phillop brings down the enemies' defenses so Mitra can apply more damage than usual.

Gau - Gau's Battle Roar S2 ability increases Mitra's attack - and with the accompanying transcendence perk - attack speed. Great to have in big fights.

Priscilla - Once Mitra's best companion due to her massive damage buffs, she no longer holds her own in many situations due to other heroes doing more damage than Priscilla herself with her buffs to another combined. That being said, she can still make Mitra do silly amounts of damage if no other options are available.


Mitra is a great hero to almost any team or comp. Bringing more scaling damage than any other unit in the game means for long physical damage fights he is unparalleled.

If you come across Mitra in your inn, snag him. Hopefully you come across his UW at some point, and that's when the endless amounts of Banging will begin :)