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Hi there, and welcome to the guide for the Knight of Loyalty, Theo. In this guide I will be covering builds and uses for Theo in every aspect of the game. I will be using my own as reference, stats included. The stats I will be showing are not perfect, and I will be going into more detail about stats later on in the guide. Thanks for reading and I hope you find this information useful!

Where/When/Why to acquire Theo.

First off, I will be breaking down the 3 inital things you should understand before you decide Theo is the next hero you will add to your roster. 

Where: Currently, the main way to get theo is through the shop. He costs 6000 rubies and is in the same group as artemia and mediana. Certain tickets may allow you to pick this hero, and in time he will arrive in the heroes inn.

When: Long story short, when you are in need of a strong single target magic damage dealer. Theo is great for pushing WB1 scores, and when you are in need of consistant cc. 

Why: Theo is currently one of the strongest single target magic dealers in the game. He provides incredible chip cc *Chip cc: small stuns that occur often, see: Naila Skill 4 for another example.* and high bursts of single target damage. Theo is heavily UW reliant, scaling extremely well into the high awakening levels. He also brings a 25% magic damage amp to the table.

Theo Skills

Skills 1, 3, 4 share skill attributes, gained by levelling books. 

10% Damage/15% Damage/250 critical strike rating = 25% critical strike.

skill 2 gains Damage/Attack boost 10%/15%/25%

The Skill Book order should be 4 > 1 > 2 > 3 

Theo Skill 1, Final Crash: Attacks 16 times, dealing magic damage to enemies in range. Each critical strike increases Theo's critical damage by 3% for 10 seconds, stacking up to 30 times. Additionally, each time the ability crits, it has a 30% chance to deal extra magic damage, inflicting stun for 0.3s. Things to note: on pure single target it is not possible to maintain stacks without the Final Crash [Dark] T3 perk, in combination with a pocketwatch. This is not recommended, as there are better perks for single target. This ability scales well with multiple targets, and should be used first in any aoe scenario. 

Transcendence Perks

Light: If there is 1 enemy, damage is increased by 100%

Dark: Cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds.

Theo Skill 2, God of Lightning: Upon casting, activates 'God of Lightning' and throws a ranged projectile that deals magic damage to the first enemy hit, knocking them back. Enemies hit by this skill take 25% increased magic damage for 10s. While 'God of Lightning' is active, Theo cannot recover mana for 10s, but the activation rate of the 'For Jane' Skill is increased by 40%, and attack is increased by 28030 *level 80*. Things to note: while 'God of Lightning' is active, he cannot gain mana from ANY source, so that includes any abilites, items, or trans perks. However, Theo T5 Dark changes this effect, allowing theo to generate mana at a 50% rate during 'God of Lightning'

Transcendence Perks

Light: Mana Cost is reduced by 1

Dark: Attack bonus increased by 100%, but Theo receives 30% more damage.

Theo Skill 3, Lightning Explosion: Jumps and Strikes the ground, hitting all enemies in range 5 times, dealing magic damage and stunning for 3s. This stuns on each instance of damage, equating in 15s of cc. This is enough to one shot the Fire Dragons CC bar.

Transcendence Perks

Light: Damage is increased by 40%

Dark: Stun duration is increased by 1 second. *This is worth 5s of CC on a bosses CC bar*

Theo Skill 4, For Jane: Each auto attack has a 20% chance to deal magic damage and stun for 0.7s. This skill is where your chip cc and dps will mainly come from. As said above, this skill gains 40% activation rate during 'God of Lightning'. Theo has a 2.7s swing timer on his auto attacks, scaling with attack speed, and attack 5 times during that window. Each one of those attacks has a unique chance to activate 'For Jane'. This skyrockets the value of attack speed and attack speed increasing effects.

Transcendence Perks

Light: Damage increased by 40%

Dark: Stun duration increased by 0.2s

T5 perks:

Light: Attack, Def, Hp increased by 15% and attack speed increased by 100

Dark: After mana is maxed out, attack is boosted by 50% for 10 seconds. Now generates mana at a 50% rate during 'God of Lightning'

Example of T5 Theo Build

Stat Priority and Transcendence Requirements

Theo is extremely reliant on having perfect stats, so I generally recommend newer players stay away from him.

A general stat priority will look something like this: Attack 4x > Attack speed 4x > Crit Damage 4x > Crit 3x > Lifesteal 1x

You might be wondering, why not penetration? The answer is because Theo caps on pve penetration whenever his UW procs, and thats where a huge amount of his dps will stem from, thereby making penetration a wasted stat. 

With 3 Crit lines, 15% base + 15% from priest T2 + 20% from ancient crit rune + 25% from skill books on every skill + 33% from max roll crit lines, equates to 108% critical strike on his skills and passive, and 83% on his basic attacks. You do not take the 15% crit strike warrior T2 on theo because of the fact you are already crit capped on skills.

For most scenarios theo needs at LEAST T3 to perform at decent level, however, I highly reccommend bringing him to T5.

Gear and Runes.

Black dragon is the best out of the 4 dragon sets. 

In terms of the BiS, T7 Beast of Chaos gear is the way to go, purely because they grant 27% increased damage done to bosses. 

For runes, in black dragon gear you will run 3x attack% runes in your UW, a crit damage rune in your primary, and critical strike rating in your secondary gear.

For artifacts, you have a couple options. When you are doing Guild Raid and World Boss, the Blessing of Earth artifact is hands down the strongest, you can buy them for 45000 crystallized power at the shop in orvel castle. 

For other content, I recommend using either Burning Brazier of Elf, Golden Cat Statue, or Drinking Horn of Ancient Cow. 

Brazier is a special case, I don't recommend using it unless you have Theo T5 Dark, because it cannot generate mana otherwise. Because theo attacks so often, the viability of this artifact is dependant on if you have Beast of Chaos gear/Theo T5, where without either of those, it loses tremendous amounts of value, but gains it back when you do. 

Golden Cat Statue loses value on long fights, and is stronger on short fights like adventure mode, where you can have high uptime. 

Drinking Horn is the most static of the 3, being usable but not BiS anywhere.

Unit synergies

Theo has lots of unit synergies than you want to make use of if you want him to reach his max potential.

Here's a list of units that go well with theo, the direct synergies are bolded. Units with asterisks next to their name mean they provide a buff that amps Attack speed, Critical Strike, or Attack Power.













If a unit is not listed here, it is not because they can't work with theo. For example, a unit like clause in WB1 fills a role that can take presedence over a unit like Maria. 

Arena Build

Contrary to popular belief, theo is actually viable in arena, thanks to scarlet. You can run 2 builds, the second build comes from a youtube video called "Kings Raid - Theo - Creating A Monster Part I" by Etro on youtube, so credit goes to him, and his is most likely the better build for high level arena. I use the first build and dont have much trouble maintaining mid diamond. 

using a ring on theo in pvp is recommended to keep him in the fight longer.

I usually run Drinking Horn of Ancient Cow in arena.